40 Inspiring Quotes About Judging

inspiring quotes about judging

Under the heart, individuals appear to evaluate us by their own prejudices. When we first glance at someone, we see a picture of past experiences and connections. It may be their body language or how they look and act. We picked the best 40 quotes about judging to determine on presentation.

1. Instead of judging people, we need to pray. — Joyce Meyer

2. Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. — Jean de La Fontaine

3. “Judging is preventing us from understanding a new truth. Free yourself from the rules of old judgments and create the space for new understanding.” — Steve Maraboli

4. “Don’t concern yourself with the opinions of those who judge you. That is placing on them an importance they do not have.” — Donna Lynn Hope

5. “The more a man judges, the less he loves.” Honor de Balzac

6. “The problem I see with most contests is that the people judging have never competed in a bodybuilding contest. I feel that to have the knowledge necessary to judge a bodybuilding competition, you must have walked in those shoes.” — Rich Piana

7. “I’m always listening and watching; my ear is like a boom mike. And judging, frankly. Constantly judging.” — Kathy Griffin

8. “A show hosted by a black had never been accepted, so the first time that knob’s turned on, people are judging against all they have ever been taught. I may have been the first black in the house.” — Flip Wilson

9. “Stop judging how far people still have to go. Start celebrating how far they’ve come.” — Anonymous

10. “Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” — Wayne Dyer

11. “The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.” — Michael J. Fox

12. “I had this notion that everyone was staring at me and judging everything about me, from my appearance to the way I talk and everything.” — Ricky Williams

13. “Maybe at some level, even at an early age, without ever being aware of it, I was reacting to something. To people judging me based on how I looked instead of what I could do.” — Christian McCaffrey

14. “It’s a very complex sport, so judging is going to be very complex, too. And not everyone is going to agree all the time on who wins a fight.” — Chuck Liddell

15. “Confidence in a bloke would be arrogance in a woman. For years, I didn’t give interviews because I was scared of people judging me or thinking I was arrogant.” — Alice Lowe

16. “Approaches to determining stock values vary, but fundamentally, each company judging itself undervalued is saying that its future stream of earnings justifies a higher price than the stock market is willing to accord it.” — Carol Loomis

17. “My years as a therapist working with abuse and neglect families taught me at least one important lesson for my own life. Never judge until you can see through the eyes of that person you are judging, and then… never judge.” — Chris Crutcher

18. “I’m not that flashy in private; I’m usually pretty reserved. But on stage, it’s about not being afraid of anything – of anyone judging you. It’s one place you can be free. So why not sing as loud as you can, hoop and holler and jump around? A show is a moment. When it’s done, it’s over. I find that extremely liberating.” — Brittany Howard

19. “I think humans are just so cruel to each other. We just want to keep judging each other on our looks.” — Amber Liu

20. “When judging a product, we rarely have exhaustive scientific data to go by. As a result, if we are to form a complete picture, we must fill in the blanks, just as we must in our visual perception.” — Leonard Mlodinow

21. “In the visual arts, particularly painting, I distrust all those abstractions, those artificial constructions. I have a very simple way of judging them: if I can do them, they are not art.” — F. Sionil Jose

22. “I was definitely always the bigger girl and kind of weird. I didn’t make friends very easily and I was a big reader, so I was very antisocial, and I knew that people were judging me.” — Shannon Purser

23. “I want the camerawork to fit the narrative and tell the story from the point of view of the character, but sometimes, to be interacting with the sensations of the story, you almost become like a ghost, you know? Like, someone that is floating, observing, not really judging what’s going on.” — Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

24. “Can anything good come of a backward way of thinking like judging someone based on skin color? No way.” — Adam McKay

25. “I love that about New York: You just dress the way you want to dress and feel really comfortable because nobody is judging. You can just be yourself, and it’s perfectly normal.” — Henrik Lundqvist

26. “We are now living through peak stupid with the left, and this ‘toxic masculinity,’ ‘white patriarch’ nonsense, where they’ve now devolved to judging people exclusively by their gender and their skin color is a marker of the total intellectual collapse of the radical left.” — Dan Bongino

27. “As to judging our own time, and thereby gaining some basis for a judgment of future possibilities, we are doubtless not only too close to it to appraise it but too much formed by it and enclosed within it to do so.” — Emily Greene Balch

28. “Perhaps we should worry less about judging people for being Mormon or Baptist or Muslim or gay or straight or black or white or Latino or by their religious or political brands and worry more about electing thoughtful, serious and ethical politicians on both sides of the political aisle who are willing to work together for progress.” — Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick

29. “I like the more community element of comedy. And I hate people pitting other people against each other. Audiences are always judging you, but when you’re being judged for a competition, it just takes away the joy of the job.” — Aisling Bea

30. “People tend to say Christians are always judging, but the word of God convicts Christians and urges them to obey God’s commands.” — Monica Johnson

31. “I do a bunch of Y7 yoga, which is amazing because it’s dark, and nobody’s judging you.” — Nina Agdal

32. “I’ve been on the opposite side of decisions before when the crowd would be booing and saying that I lost. I’ve lived with it. Judging in boxing has been the same since the beginning, and it isn’t gonna change.” — George Foreman

33. “In racing, things start coming up quicker, and the slipstream is stronger, so even judging in the mirrors how quick the cars are approaching isn’t always easy.” — Daniel Ricciardo

34. “I would deactivate every single comment on any social media. You should be able to post what you want, say what you want, be what you want without anybody judging you.” — Selena Gomez

35. “When you are in the public eye, you have to protect yourself. There are so many people judging you. I just try to be myself.” — Venus Williams

36. “I never felt that the naming issue was all that important, but I was obviously wrong, judging by how many people felt. I tell people to call it just plain Linux and nothing more.” — Linus Torvalds

37. “It is important to feel the anger without judging it, without attempting to find meaning in it. It may take many forms: anger at the health-care system, at life, at your loved one for leaving. Life is unfair. Death is unfair. Anger is a natural reaction to the unfairness of loss.” — Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

38. “One aspect of appellate judging is we have to give reasons for all of our decisions. And when you sit down and try to write it out, sometimes you find that your first judgment wasn’t the right one.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg

39. “I’m not the judge. You know, God didn’t tell me to go around judging everybody.” — Joel Osteen

40. “In judging of a beautiful statue, the aesthetic faculty is absolutely and completely gratified by the splendid curves of those marble lips that are dumb to our complaint, the noble modeling of those limbs that are powerless to help us.” — Oscar Wilde