75 You Are Beautiful Quotes

You Are Beautiful Quotes: “You Are Beautiful.” We have lots of quotes below for you to use. But, first, consider a few important points so what you actually say is accepted and appreciated. Go beyond physical beauty. Compliment her on her heart, kindness, or advocacy that makes her radiant and beautiful. Your words must be supported by actions. We can help you with the words. Some ideal “You Are Beautiful Quotes” are waiting for you in this post, so keep scrolling down. Here I have shared the best collection of you are beautiful quotes and sayings.

You Are Beautiful Quotes for Her

“You are beautiful just the way you are; you don’t need to add or take anything away. I love you no matter what.”

“You are beautiful, and I think about you pretty much all the time. I really like it.”

“You are beautiful. Not just on the outside, you are best inside. One of the best things in the world is your beautiful heart. I love you special.”

You Are Beautiful Quotes for Her

“What makes you so beautiful is that you are brave, kind, and innocent.”

“No one is more beautiful than a woman in love, so you are the most beautiful person in the world.”

“You came into my life, and I still feel like I’m in a dream because I never thought someone so beautiful would come into my life.”

“I have a secret to tell you: you are the most beautiful person in the world.”

“Seeing your beautiful smile every morning when I wake up gives my life meaning. You are fantastic.”

“I was walking through life by myself until you came along. You are beautiful and kind, and I think that’s what makes you so special.”

“The day I saw your beautiful smile, my heart told me that she must be the one you’re looking for.”

“Even when you are sad, remember that you are beautiful, that I will always love you, and that the whole world is yours.”

You Look So Beautiful Compliment and Images

“I fell in love with you when I saw your beautiful smile, and now you always show up in my dreams.”

“Your beauty touches both my heart and my soul. You are beautiful my love. Your wonderful soul goes along with how beautiful you are.”

“I used to be alone, but when you came into my life, you brought beautiful colors with you and filled them with them.”

“Even in a room full of art, I’d still be staring at you, my girl, because you are so beautiful!”

You Look So Beautiful Compliment

“You don’t have to do anything special to look beautiful. Just enjoy what you’re doing, and that will make you more beautiful.”

“Remember that you are beautiful on this day. You are worthy, you are important, you are special, you are unique, and you are wonderful. You are smart and can’t be replaced.”

“Your beauty is lovely and charming. You are the best and most beautiful girl in the world.”

“Still, I don’t know how God could have made you such a perfect woman. From your toes to your head, you are perfect.”

Beauty Quotes for Her with Images

“Seeing your beautiful smile every morning when I wake up gives my life meaning. You are fantastic.”

“I wake up every day to see a beautiful person in my life, and that is you, my love because you are the sweetest and most beautiful person in my life.”

“You think you’re not beautiful because a stranger told you so, but what about the people who think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“I’ll tell you a secret. Someone out there thinks about you all the time. You are beautiful. Don’t ever believe differently.”

“Your beauty shines like a flower in the morning sun.”

“If your soul is good and your mind is positive, you will start to see the beauty in yourself.”

“When I look at you, my eyes turn into hearts.”

Beauty Quotes for Her

“You are the queen of my dreams, and I’m ready to put hundreds of peonies on the path you walked on.”

“Since we were together, I’ve had dreams about you every night. Girl, are you a wizard or an angel that I’ll never forget?”

“She was beautiful in her own way, like how her eyes shine when she laughs and how she smiles when she’s sad.”

“It’s too bad that angels can’t compete in a beauty contest, because you would have won.”

“I can see a lot of stars in your eyes. The bright stars, the stars in the sky. I’m glad God sent you to me.”

“People don’t know how special you are, but I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, so believe in yourself.”

“You have a beautiful heart and mind. Recognize and illuminate it.”

“I think you’re so beautiful. No one else could teach me, touch me, or make me angry like you do.”

“And the day she smiles at me is special to me because I’ll never forget how beautiful it was.”

“Your beauty makes me feel at ease, gives me comfort every day, and fills my soul when it’s feeling empty.”

“You’ll never know how beautiful I think you are…”

“I think everyone is beautiful in their own way, so don’t compare yourself to others or judge yourself, because that will only make you sad. Instead, love yourself.”

“With just one beautiful smile, you changed my whole world, and that’s how I fell in love with you.”

“Every moment I spend with you is special, and I will always remember them.”

“No matter what you look like, you are beautiful, perfect, and lovely.”

You Are Looking So Beautiful

“Every day, you look beautiful. You look beautiful every day, just be yourself.”

“I think your beautiful smile is magical because it makes my heart beat faster, which I love.”

“Take pictures of the beautiful times you spend with her, because those are the memories that will make you happy when you look back.”

“When I’m with you, I forget everything else and just listen to your beautiful voice.”

“When you think you’re beautiful, what other people say about you doesn’t matter.”

“When I first saw you, I couldn’t even move because you are so beautiful.”

“I just can’t find anything about you that is better than anything else. Every part of you makes me love you. You are great.”

“I love you so much. Your eyes and smile are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.”

“I love looking into those beautiful eyes of yours.”

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You are far away, but you want her to know that you think she is beautiful. Use a text message. Check out our list of quotes for beauty and choose the one that best fits how you feel. A good trick is to compare her beauty to something that most people agree is beautiful. “You are more beautiful than summer sunsets” might be a bit much, but we have a lot of other suggestions below.

Here is the best collection of you are beautiful quotes and sayings I could find. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, which means that you are also beautiful, so stay happy and enjoy your life. Sometimes, you have to tell her how pretty she is and make her happy by using these words. This list of you are beautiful quotes is for you if you want to tell her you love her or how beautiful she is.