65 Best Christmas Wishes For Family – What To Write In A Christmas Card To Family Members

Best Christmas Wishes For Family: Christmas is a special time of the year that brings all the family together. What to write in a Christmas card to family members. It is an opportunity to give something straight from your heart. Here is a large collection of heartfelt Christmas wishes for the family. These greetings and messages will help you to show love and warm feelings to the special people that we care about the most. On this page, you can also find lots of nice and unique Christmas cards for family and images with greeting words that will help to share the joyful mood of this holiday period. Sometimes, family friends are more important than blood relations. They help us to survive and fight the evils of life. If you have such family friends and life do not forget to forward those magical Merry Christmas wishes for the family. Send them some handmade chocolate flowers and also the best of gifts.

Best Christmas Wishes For Family What To Write In A Christmas Card To Family Members

Here are some sweet Christmas wishes for family and friends that you can use in Christmas cards:

  • “Wishing our beloved family and friends a Christmas filled with the sweetness of love, the warmth of togetherness, and the magic of the season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
  • “To the ones who make our lives brighter, our hearts lighter, and our Christmas merrier – our family and friends. Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!”
  • “May the sweetness of this Christmas stay with us throughout the coming year. Wishing our family and friends a season filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments.”
  • “In the company of family and friends, may the sweetness of Christmas surround us, the love we share deepen, and the memories we create last a lifetime. Merry Christmas!”
  • “To our cherished family and friends, may this Christmas be a celebration of love, a time for joy, and a season of sweet moments. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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Merry Christmas Wishes for Family and Friends

I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

May the magic of Christmas fill your heart in this holiday season and bring joy to your mind.

Christmas is the time where you can see love in action. Enjoy your time this wonderful season!

We hope all Christmas wishes come true, and all the stresses of life are forgotten in the warmth of this holiday season.

Enjoy and celebrate this Christmas season like a child! I’m sure you would love it.

I wish this Christmas season to bring you joy and new inspiration, which can make the next year a successful one for you. Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa fills our socks with cash instead of gifts and toys. I know you hope for the same. Wish you a happy Christmas!

May this Christmas be a fitting ending to a successful year for you. May the New Year bring fresh hopes and bright beginnings.

christmas and family quotes merry christmas eve blessings from our family to yours merry christmas and happy new year
christmas and family quotes merry christmas eve blessings from our family to yours merry christmas and happy new year

As The Star of Bethlehem rises in the sky, I thank God for the opportunity to spend my Christmas with my family. May this magical time of the year be fulfilled with joy and happiness. My biggest Christmas wish will be to have you by my side every minute of my life. Merry Christmas!

Sending thoughtful wishes your way this Christmas season. May the treasures and traditions of Christmas fill your heart with hope and happiness.

Watch the movies you love, sing the carols from your youth, and remember to remember each minute and each hour to keep.

May this Christmas be bright and merry for you. May Santa bring love and joy for you that last not only for this Christmas but also for the entire year! Merry Christmas and lots of love from our family to yours!

I hope you already got the best Christmas presents. Spend your time with your loved ones!

Christmas Quotes for Family Far Away

May God keeps you safe during the holiday season and throughout the year while blessing you with numerous happiness. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

May Christmas bless you and your family health and happiness this holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

I’m sure you must be having a wonderful time this Christmas season. Make sure you keep that happiness in your mind for the rest of the year as well.

May this Christmas bring you fond memories, opportunities, hope, and sweet bonds. I Hope Jesus will bless us throughout the year. May we always stay happy and true. Amen.

Christmas isn’t complete without mom’s delicious meals, my siblings’ laughter, and dad dressed up as Santa Clause. I’m missing you, family. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas my dear friend. I believe you may feel the love on this special day.

family and christmas quotes about blessed christmas wishes with sample christmas letters to family and friends
family and christmas quotes about blessed christmas wishes with sample christmas letters to family and friends

Although you may not have been on your best behavior all year, you can always bribe Santa with some chocolate chip cookies.

“A Christmas miracle is when your family doesn’t get into a single argument all day.” – Melanie White

All I want is my family to have the exclusive Christmas gift full of patience while in problem and confidence while in trouble. Merry Christmas!

As I write my Christmas letter, I will be sure to ask Santa to give you a million dollars. If he doesn’t…that’s on him!

“Christmas is a time when you get homesick, even when you’re home.” – Carol Nelson

Christmas Wishes For Family Friend

Santa told me you have been a very good year… Congrats! You didn’t get caught this year! Have a Merry Christmas.

May God’s blessing shine upon your family members and you this Christmas time!

Each holiday wish is a goal for the coming year. May each goal be one you follow with as much passion as when you wished it to come true.

May this Christmas bring more joy and happy memories to you and your family! I can’t wait to spend the sweet moments of the day with your family. I hope Santa brings you all the goodies and gifts you have always wished for!

merry christmas family christmas card messages for family and friends to christmas eve greetings
merry christmas family christmas card messages for family and friends to christmas eve greetings

Take time in the rush of the holidays to enjoy the things that matter in life. Enjoy the serene moments spent with family, friends, and loved ones, and may the sweetness of Christmas surround you throughout this season.

Unfortunately, this Christmas will not be as jolly and merry as the last one. Everything has changed. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t make this Christmas special! I love you with all my heart. Enjoy this holiday season!

Christmas is the time of the year to give gifts to your loved ones and appreciate their efforts in caring about you. Enjoy this occasion with your family and God’s Bless!

Christmas Wishes for Friends & His/Her Family

This is the time of year to take a step back from the stresses of life and enjoy the little things. We hope you enjoy them with loved ones.

May each cup of tea you share, be with friends and loved ones, you will enjoy every minute.

I hope this celebration of lights and pleasure fills you and your family with joy and love. Merry Christmas to you, my buddy.

I am dreaming of white Christmas with every card I write. May your days be merry and bright and May all your Christmases be white.

My Christmas joy is doubled when I share it with you guys. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing your smiling faces during the Christmas season.

There is nothing more magical than family, presents, lights, and decorated trees. I am happy to be with you this Christmas time!

merry christmas to all my family and friends and christmas wishes for family with short christmas quotes
merry christmas to all my family and friends and christmas wishes for family with short christmas quotes

We hope all of your dreams and wishes come true this holiday season and that you see the same results throughout the coming new year.

As you celebrate this miraculous occasion called Christmas, I would like you to know that you are an exemplary friend and that I feel extremely lucky to have you in my life. Merry Christmas.

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… well I guess the mousetrap worked and your Christmas cheese platter is safe. Merry Christmas!

Love your friends as your family, and they will become the family you love. Merry Christmas!

Christmas brings everyone together. It’s such a magical time of year a family time to share with those we hold most dear. Merry Christmas

My dear friend, make wonderful memories with your family, spread warmth and love this Christmas. I am sending you hugs, my best mate. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Christmas Wishes For Sister And Brother

I hope Christmas keeps you guessing About what’s under the tree. I hope each gift is a blessing, For you certainly are to me. Merry Christmas to each one of you!

It is a time when hearts are filled with warmth, When small candles are burning at home, The Christmas tree smells so gentle, And people share their love and kindness. Merry Christmas!

Dear Family, With candles aglow, And a hint of snow, I wish you a merry Christmas.

We have spent so many years of joy together. Today, I’m looking forward to spending one more spectacular Christmas with you. Merry Christmas!

My dear bro, Merry Christmas! I always pray for you to be the most successful person shortly.

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Christmas Card Messages for Family and Friends

Hope the snowflakes remind you how beautiful and precious every moment is in life. May you count every blessing of life and make this season magical in your way. Merry Christmas.

May the magical spirit of Christmas time fill your heart all year long. Merry Christmas!

No matter how annoying they may get, having siblings like these is the best present I could have ever received. Merry Christmas!

Families are different. There are crazy ones, hyper-loving ones, not very supportive ones. Our family is a little bit of everything. But I will always love each one of you, and I wish you the happiest Christmas ever.

Santa winked and said to me He’d put something special under the tree. But there can be nothing as special as this: My family and I share holiday bliss. Holly Jolly Christmas Wishes for Family

All I want for Christmas is eternal happiness with you, my family, and my friends.

Merry Christmas, friend. I hope this Christmas brings happiness and peace to your home.

May the miracle of that first Christmas away in a manger fill our hearts as we remember together as a family, counting our blessings from God.

Religious Christmas Wishes For Family

The beauty and glory of Christmas are something worth sharing. Wishing you an amazing holiday season filled with surprising and amazing moments!

I pray that you understand the magnitude of the love that streamed from heaven on that first Christmas Day and that as a family, we will continue to share that love with others.

Merry Christmas! I consider myself extremely blessed to have such fantastic family and friends who constantly encourage me to be the best version of myself.

Thank you for always being the most supportive family and friends someone could ask for. Merry Christmas. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Christmas is a festival to be spent with your most loved ones, and I’m grateful I’ll be celebrating it with you and your family. Happy Christmas!!

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year for you and your family. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas Greetings from My Family!

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Christmas Greetings For Family

Wishing one of our dearest and special family friends a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

Celebrating Christmas within the family is such a wonderful tradition! Getting together with you on this holy night makes me always think about elevated and eternal things like love, loyalty, kindness, and faith. It’s a priceless feeling only my family can give me. Merry Christmas!

I told Santa that this year you were not that good… you were AMAZING! May you receive all you wish for this Christmas!

Certainly, Christmas day is one of few honorable event days to spend quality time with your family. On this Christmas day New Year, let us join together and cherish the moment to make it more memorable.

Wishing you every Christmas joy this season, may the minutes be long, warm, and full of loving memories of familial cheer.

What better way to spend the holidays than dancing with the snowflakes! May you have a wonderful Christmas in the snow!

May sugarplum fairies dance in your head this Christmas and fill your dreams with white winters, hot cocoa, and a big green Christmas tree.

Add another log to the fire, and tell me another childhood memory of Christmas long ago. I love spending time with you at Christmas.

I wish this holy season brings abundant happiness to each one of your family members. Merry Christmas from our family.

‘Tis the season for good food, family, friends, presents, and fellowship. May yours be filled with each this season and throughout the year.

This is the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. These are my wishes for you, Merry Christmas our dear friends, may you feel the love of this special day.

As our Christmas stockings decorate the mantle above the crackling fire, I read each name with fondness and love, thanking God for each member of our special family.

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Share your happiness and joy with everyone close to you to get into the real spirit of Christmas. From us, have a happy Christmas and a good new year with your family and friends. I hope you have a great time. Mix, change and add your own words to make them fit your tastes and needs. Enjoy! And that’s it! We hope that this collection of Christmas wishes for friends will give you ideas as you write the best Christmas cards. People on your social networks and friends can share these Christmas wishes with you if you want to do so. People have a happy holiday. It can be hard to write a good Christmas message for our friends. As a way to save you time, we’ve put together the best Christmas wishes for your friends. Send your friend one.