365 FUNNY Instagram Captions to Copy – Paste

Are you looking for some funny Instagram captions? You’ve arrived at the ideal location. We’ve compiled a vast list of the funniest Instagram captions and photographs for you to use. All captions are free to use. Simply copy and paste your favorite awesome quote and go for it! Have fun!

funny instagram captions

Looking for some funny Instagram captions to go with that beautiful funny images of you and your beau? When you spend time with your other half, it’s always a good time, but there are instances when it’s downright hilarious, and we have images to prove it. Upload it to social media and tell your friends about your love’s hilarious moment. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a good chuckle!

Funny Instagram Captions

“Sometimes I look at individuals and wonder to myself, “Really?” That was the winning sperm.”

“How does one go about writing an autobiography? I can’t even recall what I ate for lunch yesterday.”

“The first five days following a weekend are often the most difficult.”

“My second favorite F word is Friday.”

“It’s amusing how people criticize others’ faults while doing their own.”

funny instagram captions

“Allow yourself to let go of something you adore. It was intended to be if it returned. If it doesn’t, go after it and kill it.”

“BRB = I’m not interested in speaking with you. LOL = I’m at a loss for words. I don’t give a damn if it’s cool or not.”

“Actually, I’m not in the mood to be lazy. I’m actually tremendously inspired to accomplish nothing.”

“Is it okay if I take a photograph of you? I enjoy gathering photographs of natural calamities.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing because you made me laugh so hard. Tears welled up in my eyes and flowed down my legs.”

“I used to believe I was indecisive, but I’m not so sure now.”

“Do not give up on your ambitions. Continue to sleep.”

“What do you name a karate-doing pig? Chops de porc”

“I’m not lazy; I’m just trying to conserve energy.”

funny instagram captions

“Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside to be a pineapple.”

“Follow your emotions, but don’t forget to use your head.”

“My phone is set to airplane mode, but it isn’t flying!”

“I’d rather fall in love with chocolate than with love.”

“The brains are fantastic. Everyone should have one, in my opinion.”

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but forget about the fruit if the doctor is cute.”

“I’m not witty; I’m simply mean, and people think I’m amusing!”

“I’m a smart person who makes foolish decisions.”

“Greetings, Lord! Your software contains a flaw… Please correct it; it’s called Monday.”

“Dear God… Please be patient with me. RIGHT NOW.”

Fun Quote for Instagram

“Life is a difficult thing. Don’t strive to discover answers because once you do, life will modify the questions you’re asking.”

“Allow no one to rent a spot in your head unless they are a trustworthy renter.”

funny instagram captions
Fun Quote for Instagram

“The best things in life are uncomplicated and uncomplicated. The second-best options are prohibitively pricey. – Chanel, Coco”

“You will be set free by the truth. But initially, it will irritate you.”

“I despise it when people stare at me in the grocery and ask, “Hey, what are you doing here?” And I’m simply like, “Oh, you know, elephant hunting.”

“I feel like I have my life together when my bra matches my underpants.”

“Rabbits may jump and live for up to eight years. Dogs can run and survive for up to 15 years. Turtles don’t do anything but live for 150 years. I’ve learned my lesson.”

“DIET is for Did I Eat That, in case you didn’t know.”

“I despise it when I’m singing a song and the singer mispronounces the lyrics.”

“Yes, Take a look at what has finally chosen to appear. Good morning, Friday!”

“I may appear calm, but I’ve already killed you three times in my head.”

funny instagram captions

“It isn’t frightening to see a spider in my chamber. It’s terrifying when it vanishes.”

“When you witness twins fighting and one of the labels the other ugly, it’s awkward.”

“Normal is uninteresting.”

“What do you name a bear with no ears? EYES!”

“The best of pals. We’d end up in a mental institution if anyone else overheard our chats.”

“What is kept in this spice rack by Charles Dickens? Thymes at its best, and Thymes at its worst.”

“Even the calendar goes WTF after Tuesdays.”

“The refrigerator is a perfect example of what counts on the inside.”

“Nothing is truly lost until your mother is unable to locate it.”

“If there was an award for being a slacker, I’d have someone pick it up for me.”

funny instagram captions

“Math lesson is like viewing a foreign film with no subtitles for me.”

“Ever is the last name, while Greatest is the first name.”

“I was planning on making a belt out of timepieces, but I quickly realized that it would be a waste of effort.”

“Nobody is without flaws. Perfect is my given name.”

“An alligator who steals is known as a thieving alligator. Crocodiles are crocodiles.”

“Friends are folks who borrow my books and smear them with damp glasses.”

“Folks, I don’t believe in children. They’ve come to take our place.” Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report”

“The more weight you have, the more difficult it is to kidnap you. Eat cake and stay safe.”

“Life isn’t a storybook. You’re undoubtedly intoxicated if you misplace your sneaker around midnight.”

“That embarrassing time when you can’t do it because you’re wearing Nikes.”

“When Apple and blackberry were only fruits, life was a lot simpler.”

“I made a lengthy to-do list for today. I’m just stumped as to who’s going to do it.”

funny instagram captions

“If you can’t make me thin, please make my pals fat.”

“I go about my business as if nothing is wrong. My sock, on the other hand, is slipping off deep inside my shoe.”

“Life doesn’t have any hands, but it can certainly slap you around from time to time.”

“If you throw an apple hard enough, it will keep everyone away.”

“Some days I am astounded by myself. On other days, I keep my keys in the refrigerator.”

“I didn’t believe in ghosts during the day. I become a little more open-minded at night.”

“I doze off at night. I can’t get out of bed in the morning.”

“I often fantasize of being a bird. As a result, I’d be able to fly over select people and spit on their heads.”

“This, too, must pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will eventually go away.”

“Cinderella is living proof that a new pair of shoes can make all the difference in your life.”

“Perhaps if we convince people that the brain is an app, they will begin to use it.”

Funny Generic Captions

“It may be painful to reflect on the past or frightening to consider what the future holds for you, but those things are unlikely to occur if you have a best friend with you in the present.”

“Let us simply be who we are.”

“Wearing cute shoes is a waste of time.”

funny instagram captions

“Your closest buddy believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself.”

“Do what brings joy to your heart.”

“Depending on the context of the photograph.”

“Life is far too short to waste time with negative thoughts.”

“Sometimes you don’t need a doctor; sometimes therapy is your closest buddy.”

“You don’t go to nature when it’s your home.”

“Slowly yet steadily”

“My close pals wrote long captions, while others wrote short ones.”

“If you pay attention, the earth has a lot of music in store for you.”

“Only by becoming lost in nature can you find yourself.”

“The best feeling in the world is to love and be loved by the same person.”

“You bring a grin to my face.”

“The first tear is seen, the second is caught, and the third is stopped by a true friend.”

“My friend, you are in love when your happiness is less essential than the happiness of the other person.”

“Stay in bed, Nama.”

“If you were as good as I am, you’d have a large ego as well.”

“We don’t go out on dates because of the cheeseburger and fries.”

“Because both of these girls have HEARTS OF GOLD, I’m not sure how their arteries aren’t blocked with metal.”

“Is it okay if I get an “AMEN”?”

funny instagram captions

“It’s not a question of who will let me; it’s a question of who will stop me.”

“You have excellent friends because you are terrific friends as well.”

“Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you have too much black in your wardrobe.”

“On a Thursday, the only thing I drink is scotch.”

“It’s been a whirlwind of joy.”

“It’s time for a cup of coffee!”

“As a result, the journey begins…”

“You’ll attract a king if you treat yourself like a Queen.”

“Every woman requires her beast.”

“Ever is the last name, while Greatest is the first name.”

“Having a good time and living a better life.”

“It was a blur last night.”

“I’ll murder you if you show anyone.”

“Using the word “we” in a strange way.”

“Bad habits in a good girl.”

“A lousy photograph is the source of 75% of my humor.”

“Good shoes will get you to where you want to go.”

“Twice a year, I require a six-month vacation.”

“You chuckle. I have a good laugh. You weep. I’m in tears. You leap off a very high cliff. “Do a flip!” I exclaim.”

“Believer in daydreams…”

“You did an excellent job.”

“Say yes to new experiences.”

“My diet plan is to bake cookies for all of my best friends; the fatter they get, the thinner I appear.”

“Bad decisions lead to fantastic stories.”

“When I claim I’ll be ready in five minutes, I don’t even believe it.”

“Finally, it’s Friday! (on Friday).”

“It’s a mix of sophistication and hood.”

“A human being without a companion is like a desert tree.”

“It’s all your fault, babe.”

“Birthdays are beneficial to your health. According to statistics, those who have the most live the longest.”

“Before you die, strive to inspire others.”

“You are a work of art, darling.”

“Make a conscious effort to be kind and to laugh frequently.”

“Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary.”

“Every second count.”

“I’m following a seafood-only diet. When I see food, I consume it.”

“Muffins who believe in miracles are known as cupcakes.”

“Did you say something about working out? Or maybe some more fries?”

“I’m simply a girl standing in front of a salad, requesting that it be transformed into a donut.”

“My head wants to go to the gym, but my heart wants tacos.”

“When I’m with you, forget the butterflies; I feel like I’m in a zoo.”

“Fall in love with someone who will never leave you wondering if you’re still important.”

“She’s the exclamation point at the end of the happiest sentence I’ve ever written.”

“Life is like a mirror; when we smile, we receive the best outcomes.”

“Keep a positive attitude and let your personality be your signature.”

“When you smile, everything is better.”

“I hope you can always find something to smile about.”

“Make a happy face. What is the reason for this? You can because you can.”

“Who says I don’t grin when I take a selfie?”

“Keep a positive attitude and let your personality be your signature.”

“Keep your cool, and they’ll marvel at how you’re still smiling.”

“By the way, the smile you gave me is still on my face.”

“When you grin when no one is looking, you are truly sincere.”

“A smile is a curve that straightens up everything.”

“Keep your grin on!”

“When you have to work, do so with a smile on your face.”

“People are perplexed by your smile.”

“Continue to smile and make someone’s day better.”

“Be a ray of sunlight for someone else. Today, be the source of someone’s smile.”

“When you can’t seem to find the sun, be the sun.”

“The happiest individuals don’t just get the finest of everything; they create it.”

“Be content. It makes people insane.”

“Accept new challenges with open arms.”

“Every day may not be pleasant, yet there is something positive to be found in every day.”

“Little one, dream big!”

“It’s as cute as a button, but it’s not as smart.”

“7 billion grins and my favorite is yours.”

“You do the cutest things without even realizing it.”

“Don’t get too old… It’s a ruse!”

“Handle each scenario as though it were a dog. Pee on it and go away if you can’t eat it or play with it.”

“It’s like folding a fitted sheet to be a grownup. Nobody really knows how to do it.”

“I’m not a slug. I’ve switched to energy-saving mode.”

“This morning, I planned to take over the world, but I overslept. The meeting has been rescheduled. Once again.”

“I never repeat the same mistake. I make it maybe five or six times just to make sure.”

“In a terrible world, having a tender heart is courage, not weakness.”

“The goal is to die as soon as possible… as young as possible.”

“Do additional things that will cause you to forget about your phone.”

“What you do, not what you claim you’ll do, defines you.”

“I have to constantly remind myself that being terrified of things going wrong isn’t the way to make them go well.”

“We’re more than just pals. We’re like a tight-knit group.”

“Friends are the people we pick to be our family.”

“F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fight for your rights. You have my respect. You should be included. I want to encourage you. We require your assistance. You’ve earned it. I’ll be there for you.”

“Some people come into your life and have such a positive impact that you can barely remember what life was like before they arrived.”

“Friendship isn’t a huge deal. It’s a slew of minor details.”

“I’ll stop wearing black once they make a darker shade.”

“This might be the night when my dreams reveal themselves… All of the stars are getting closer. ”

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs to feel like a boss and gaze at the stars, because everyone wants to be famous. — Everybody Wants to Be.”

“Don’t keep me waiting for another day, jewel. — Oh, my goodness! Troye Sivan (Troye Sivan)”

“It’s pointless to cling to something that’s broken, so let’s live in the moment. Another door opens as one closes. Stop attempting to control things and begin to live in the now.”

“Nature’s method of telling us to eat cake is on our birthdays.”

“Birthday: A day to rejoice in the fact that you have not died in the previous year.”

“I don’t look a day out of place!”

“The better you get as you get older. Unless you’re a banana, of course.”

“I put on my favorite high heels and dance when I’m feeling down.”

“My second favorite F word is Friday.”

“My engine is revved up by female drivers.”

“I enjoy cookies.”

“Hey, I’m new here, and this is nuts.”

“At the very least, this balloon is drawn to me!”

“I’m going to have to destroy you with hugs and kisses.”

“Stop searching for happiness in the same area where you previously found it.”

“I awoke in this manner.”

“Oh, you’re a model, right? What is the name of your company, Instagram?”

“I vow I’ll only eat one.”

“Before Instagram, I was a fan of memes.”

“Is a redhead who works in a bakery considered a gingerbread man?”

“If only we could go back in time…”

“Keep smiling because life is a great thing with plenty of reasons to be happy.”

“What if I told you that you could eat without having to post it to Instagram?”

“Thank you for reducing my sense of isolation.”

“The only F word that scares me when it comes from a woman’s mouth is fine.”

“Do you know what Crossfit is? I participate in actual sports.”

“A blind man enters a pub… and finds a chair… and a table.”

“We go for a ride early in the morning.”

“You are sufficient.”

“This seat has already been taken.”

“I didn’t get lucky; I earned it.”

“Once upon a time, I had a bad time.”

“Another end-of-the-world scenario was averted.”

“Girls should be like…”

“Stop, I’m about to pee.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. Could you explain to me how to get to Sesame Street?”

“Because I’m the star, I put a selfie on top of the tree.”

“Is it true that I’m in trouble?”

“I don’t have Ex’s; instead, I have Y’s. Why did I ever date you, for example?”

“During the weekend, it never rains.”

“Hello there!”

“You’re doing things incorrectly.”


“I’m younger than you.”

“They promised a small birthday celebration that would be enjoyable.”

“Darling, don’t be like the rest of them.”

“Girls like no makeup!”

“She didn’t like the photo I posted on Instagram.”

“My tacos are served on a tortilla. That way, if something falls out, BOOM, another taco is ready.”

“We’re all strangers at first.”

“The thug life selected me, not the other way around.”

“Monopoly is made by only one business, which I believe is incorrect.”

“My main long-term ambition is to avoid ever being on Maury.”

“I’m going to have to call you back, girl.”

“We were expecting you, so please have a seat.”

“My diet plan is to bake cookies for all of my best friends; the fatter they get, the thinner I appear.”

“Will you remember me if I die tomorrow?”

“In flip flops, some of the fondest memories are made.”

“Bachelors in the summer, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they appear.”

“I apologize for what I said throughout the winter.”

“You’re overdressed if you’re not barefoot.”

“Girls only want to be in the sun.”

“Summer has arrived. I’m in the process of transferring all of my terrible behavior to the outside world.”

“Summer should get ticketed for speeding.”

“The entire year revolves on a small amount of summer.”

“This is something I could never get weary of in a hundred summers.”

“Summer is when sloth becomes acceptable.”

“A vacation is when you have nothing to do and have the entire day to do it.”

“If summer had a signature scent, it would undoubtedly be that of a BBQ.”

“Planting a garden is an act of faith in the future.”

“Twice a year, I require a six-month vacation.”

“Why would I trust a product that four out of five dentists recommend if they make their money off bad teeth?”

“Last night, how did I get back to my crib?”

“It’s Friday, and we’ve made it!”

“I’m a big fan of the Twilight series.”

“All of my passwords were changed to incorrect, and now if I forget my password, it says your password is incorrect.”

“The Darwin Award is given to…”

“So you’re saying I’ve got a chance?”

“They don’t like it when I roll.”

“I adore how we finish each other’s lunches, gal.”

“A conclusion is the point at which you’ve had enough of pondering.”

“When boys see you for the first time, they make strange faces.”

“I know, I’m fortunate that I’m so attractive.”

“Oh, pizza, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“My chocolate chip cookie has risen to the occasion.”

“Who is the most amazing? Yes, you are!”

“It’s impossible!”

“The world’s most obnoxious couple.”

“I’m attempting to forget about it, but the recollections are too vivid.”

“Feel free to touch my sweater, girl. Do you have any idea what it’s made of? Boyfriend-worthy.”

“A clever person finds a solution to a problem. It is something that a prudent person avoids. It was made by a moron.”

“That moment when you realize you’ve outgrown your childhood.”

“In peace, I came here looking for gold and slaves.”

“Passing by a class where your pals are enrolled.”

“So you’re a regular visitor?”

“Do you solely consume diet soda? You must be in excellent health.”

“Who is that lovely lady? Oh, I forgot to click on my profile.”

“If you haven’t found your true love yet, don’t worry; they’re simply with someone else right now.”

“Moments, not stuff, should be collected.”

“Boys are like…”

“This just added to the list of reasons why I adore this individual.”

“Do you enjoy playing Call of Duty? That’s adorable.”

“According to a recent study, women who carry a little excess weight live longer than males who do not.”

“He went to Jared for help.”

“If you’re online, why aren’t you texting me? Your Kik status indicates Kik Login Online.”

“Please assist me; I’m bored.”

“Take care of it.”

“Not every girl is composed of sugar, spice, and all things pleasant. Some people are formed of sarcasm, alcohol, and beautiful things.”

“Do you believe this is a joke?”

“All I want to do right now is cuddle.”

“I’m a caption on Instagram!”

“I’ve never seen a better selfie.”

“You two are very adorable.”

“When the bus driver begins driving before you have even taken a seat.”

“The kids adore it when their parents despise it.”

“When you stare in the mirror with your eyes closed, it’s as though you’re watching yourself sleep.”

“Being popular on Instagram is similar to having a lot of money in Monopoly.”

“Oh my god. Take a look at me. Selfie on Instagram.”

“Being single is more intelligent than being in a bad relationship.”

“My name used to be shouted, but now it is whispered.”

“I hope it’s you every time my phone rings.”

“I still have a lot of maturing to do. That occurred to me the other day as I was inside my fort.”

“To be honest, my dear, I don’t have an Instagram account.”

“It was Aliens! I’m not claiming it was aliens, but it was Aliens!”

“You’ve misplaced your phone, and it’s in silent mode? It’s too bad you didn’t put a ring on it if you liked it.”

“What will I Instagram now that I’ve smashed it?”

“Screams as he claims he wants to whisper something in your ear.”

“Nothing occurs when you go to school. You forget one day, and Beyonce turns up unexpectedly.”

“This year, all of my friends have birthdays.”

“Will you carry me if I can’t go on?”

“I adore you and all of your little details.”

“Sure, dating is fun, but have you ever had pizza with a packed crust?”

“I put on a brave face and pretend to be fine, but I’m not.”

“We’ve worked our way up from the bottom and are now at the top.”

“As if you were a boss.”

Sarcastic Quotes

“Money, in the eyes of the young, is everything. This is right, as old folks know.”

“I’m unable to report to work today. I have to look up at the ceiling and question everything I’ve ever done.”

“Always keep in mind that you are one-of-a-kind. Just like the rest of the world.”

“If you don’t succeed at first, skydiving may not be your sport.”

“Try missing a few car payments if you think no one cares if you’re alive.”

“People like to think I’m stupid because it gives them something to brag about. Why should I let them down?”

“My imaginary friend believes you are suffering from a major mental illness.”

“I’m not a person who takes commands. I hardly ever accept advice.”

“People who act as though they know everything irritate those of us who do.”

“I don’t always come across as a smartass. I doze off now and then.”

“Sound travels slower than light. This is why, until they speak, some people appear bright.”

“I’d be broke if I had a dollar for every wise thing you said.”

“It’s almost as if you’re not here since I’m so miserable without you.”

“I have two different speeds. If you don’t like this one, you’re not going to enjoy the next one either.”

“Sarcasm is one of my favorite things. It’s like punching them in the face with words instead of punches.”

“Just because I don’t care doesn’t imply I’m not aware of the situation.”