50 Invitation Wording Ideas for Birthdays

Have trouble coming up with the perfect birthday invitation wording? Check out these fun examples for every type of party! Read our helpful guide to crafting the right invite wording to get your guests excited and eager to attend.

Birthday invitations should include the following information:

Who: Whose birthday is being celebrated

What: What kind of event is being planned

When: The date and time of the event

Where: The location of the event

Contact information: Guests can RSVP

Invitation Wording Ideas for Birthdays

Here are some birthday invitation wording ideas:

“Join us in celebrating [Name]’s special day!”

“You are cordially invited to a birthday celebration in honor of [Name].”

“It’s time to celebrate another amazing year of [Name]’s life!”

“You’re invited to let loose and have a blast at [Name]’s birthday bash!”

“Shh! It’s a secret…”

“The first rule of this surprise birthday is do not talk about the surprise birthday!”

“Join us for a spectacular surprise!”

“You’re invited to a night of mystery…”

“A century of treasured moments and love! Join us as we celebrate [Name]s 100th birthday, a true inspiration to us all!

“Shh…it’s a surprise party for [Name]!”

Birthday party invitation message ideas

Invitation Wording Ideas for Birthdays

The celebration of children’s birthdays requires lots of preparation. Often parents don’t get time to write birthday invitation wordings in such a hectic schedule. When celebrating your first birthday, never forget to send an invitation card with a message that has a personal touch. It adds a punch to the celebration. In birthday invitation wording, variety is always expected and appreciated.

1st Birthday Invitation Wordings

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to my daughter’s birthday party she will turn one on —-date.

  • I am cheerful, I am pretty, I am cute, and naughty. To see my different shades at my first birthday party. Join me at my celebration time, venue, and date.
  • Uncle, Aunty, and Friends, you all are invited to my birthday celebration. See you all in the evening at my home.
  • With the grace of God, my little child is celebrating her first birthday. Please join us in the celebration while she cuts the cake. Venue, time.
  • Today, I have turned one. I am ready to enjoy gathering and having fun. To wish me a happy birthday, please come.
  • All friends of Dad and Mom, you are invited to cuddle me and see my charm. Giving me blessings as today, I have turned one.

Party invitation wording ideas for your special occasions

  • I invite you all to the first birthday of my son. Cupcakes, drinks, dance, and food, everything is here, as he has turned one.
  • Now I am one year old, I’m all set to rock and roll. To have fun and celebration on the day, a grand party I have thrown.
  • I am cute and full of innocence, come to my birthday party to have lots of fun. See you in the evening at my residence.
  • This is the party you can miss, there will be fun, entertainment, and bliss. Today, I have turned one and looking for everyone.

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2nd Birthday Invitation Wording

I am turning two, please come and wish me, a happy birthday to you. The party is at Venue, time.

  • If you will skip my birthday party, I will not speak to you for the whole year. Join me in the celebration.
  • —–(name) is turning two and want to celebrate birthday with all of you. Please come and wish her luck and charm. The party is at the venue, time.
  • Happy- happy birthday dear, this song I want to hear from all of you. Please be at my birthday celebration in the evening.
  • Today, I have turned two and looking for your blessings. Be part of my birthday party and have a fun-filled evening.

The Best Birthday Invitation Wording Tips, Ideas

  • With all your warm wishes, I’m celebrating my second birthday. I want your blessings again, please come in the evening.
  • Little —- is now two, he is calling all of you. Come to the party, and enjoy drinks, snacks, and food. Don’t forget to shower blessings too.
  • To wish me a happy birthday on my 2nd birthday, I can all of you. You will surely have a wonderful time at the party.
  • My son ——-name —- has turn two. We have organized a birthday party on the occasion and your presence will make the celebration cheerful. Venue and time.
  • This is my second birthday celebration and you all are welcome. Please join me at the party at the venue, time.

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7th Birthday Invitation Wording

Today, I have turned 7 and throwing a party no less than heaven. Be the part of celebration and make it gracious.

  • A day full of dances and songs, of cakes and candies, fun and just fun. Be the part of celebration and bless me.
  • My little princess has gone another year old. She is inviting you to her 7th birthday. Be in the party to bless her.
  • The little one has turned big, now she loves having fun with friends and partying. Come to her birthday party to shower ur blessings.
  • Come to my Son’s—- birthday party who has turned seven today. The venue —, time—.

Birthday Invitation Texts Messages for Birthday Party

  • Let’s go on an adventure, shake hands with the moon, hug the stars and make some noise. It’s the birthday party of —– who has turned seven today and wants his friends to join.
  • It’s the birthday party of my Son, You will have pizza, bugger, music and lots of Fun. Mark the date and don’t forget to come. Venue, Time, Date.
  • You are invited to my birthday treat, there will be everything yummy to eat. Come home to bless my son, today he has turned seven.
  • The birthday boy has one Demand, call my friends at the party or will not Dance. Please join us in his seventh birthday celebration.
  • She has turned 7 now and not looking for cupcakes and dolls. She just needs her friends all around. Please come to her birthday party.4

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