45 Office Party Invitation Message

Looking for the perfect invitation messages for your office party? Discover a collection of engaging and creative office party invitation messages to set the right tone for your upcoming event. Whether it’s a holiday celebration, team-building gathering, or corporate soirée, these invitation messages will help you captivate your colleagues and make your event a memorable one.

Please come to our party. You are a greatly valued member of this office; as such, all our gatherings would be empty without you. We’re throwing a simple office party to express our gratitude to our exceptional team. Let’s enjoy a delightful evening filled with laughter and good cheer.

Office Party Invitation Message

Here are some tips for writing an office party invitation:

Keep it short: Include only the most important details.

Include details: The recipient should know the purpose of the invite, the date, and the location.

Use a catchy phrase: Try using phrases like “Don’t Miss Out!” or “Are You Ready?”.

Use formal language: For example, “The honor of your presence is requested” or “You are cordially invited to”.

Here are some examples of office party invitation wording:

“Please join us for the 2018 Holiday Gala, graciously hosted by (Company/Name)”

“You’re cordially invited to the end-of-year city-wide networking event for business experts”

“Friends and Colleagues, please join us for an evening of holiday cheer”

“Let us raise a glass to the coming New Year”

“Celebrate the warmth of the season”

Office Party Invitation Message

  • You are cordially invited to an evening of dinner and good company at the annual (Company) party.
  • Please join us for the office party which will be hosted by (name) at (location) from (time). Table services and snacks will be provided. See you there!
  • It was the company’s dream but all of you considered it as your dream and worked harder to make this leap possible. The company wants to celebrate this proud moment with all of you. Welcome to the party!
  • Bring all your baskets for our office party which will be hosted at our place on (date) at (time). Please inform us if you can come by giving us a call at (phone no.).

Corporate Events Invitations Wording Corporate Holiday Party

  • You’re invited to join us for a special office get-together at our place on (date). May you come and enjoy the day with us from (time) to (time).
  • Join us for our office super party at (location) on (date) at (time). Meals and table services will be provided. Hoping to see you there.
  • Come and join us as we take a break from our hectic work schedules. Be there at (location) on (date).
  • Let’s embrace our inner kids and play ‘grown-up recess’ at our office party! Get ready for games, laughter, and a chance to relive the carefree days of childhood.
  • Friends and Colleagues, please join us for an evening of merriment on (date) at (time). The venue will be at (location).
  • Break out your dancing shoes and prepare for some epic moves! Our office party is the perfect excuse to let loose and show off your finest dance floor skills.
  • We interrupt your regularly scheduled workday for an important announcement: Our office party is happening! Expect laughter, silliness, and a much-needed break from the daily grind.
  • Join us for an office party where the only ‘agenda’ is having a fantastic time! Leave your work worries at the door and get ready for a night of laughter and enjoyment.

Company Holiday Party Invitation Wording Examples & Ideas

  • In a world full of deadlines and meetings, let’s take a moment to celebrate the true heroes of our workplace: the coffee machine and the snack cupboard! Join us as we toast these unsung heroes at our office party!
  • Warning: Our office party may cause excessive smiling, uncontrollable laughter, and sudden outbursts of dance. Proceed with caution and readiness to have an amazing time!
  • At our office party, we’ll prove that our team has the best dance moves on this side of the water cooler! Let’s boogie the night away and show off our epic rhythm!
  • Calling all aspiring karaoke superstars! Dust off your vocal cords and join us at our office party for a night of unforgettable performances and questionable song choices.
  • Leave your spreadsheets and calculators behind and prepare for a night of irrational fun at our office party! No math skills are required, just a desire to have a great time!
  • You’re invited to celebrate this office with our family along with good food and drinks. The party will be thrown at (location) on (date) from (time).
  • You’re invited to join us for an office lunch party, which will be hosted at (location) from (time) on (date). Will be happy to see you there!
  • (Company/Name) invites you to our annual office get-together. Join along with us as we enjoy each other’s company.
  • We know each other as colleagues. We want to know each other better and extend our relationship to the next level. Inviting you all to the office party! Date, time, and venue.

Office Party Invitation Messages To Raise a Toast

  • We all need a break from work. That is why we are inviting you to a small office party this (day) at (time). Bring food for the table. Drinks are already provided.
  • (Date) is the date when the office is organizing a party to celebrate the success of the company and each one of our professional achievements. Don’t miss it! It’s going to be massive fun.
  • This is your unsurpassed dedication that has helped the company to touch the new success milestone. Let us reward your hard work. Be ready for the dazzling office party.
  • You’re invited to come and celebrate with the office at a garden party with honorable (name) at (location) on (date) from (time). See you there.
  • Attention: This is not an ordinary office party. It’s a top-secret mission to have an outrageous amount of fun and create memories that will leave HR scratching their heads!
  • Don’t worry about dress codes or professionalism at our office party. Pajamas and onesies are highly encouraged! Let’s embrace the cozy and quirky side of our team.
  • The only spreadsheets you’ll encounter at our office party will be the ones filled with appetizers and drinks! Join us for a night of indulgence and merriment.
  • The time has come to forget the professional boundaries and become more friendly. The office is calling you for the party. Be part of it. Date, time, and venue.
  • It’s been a long we haven’t talked casually, we haven’t danced together, we haven’t shared our minds, and we haven’t been more than just colleagues. The office party is the time to do all. Enjoy the time and have fun unlimited. Date, time, and venue.
  • You’re invited to a special office party at our place on (date) from (time) and stay until your heart desires.
  • Happy Holiday! Office Party celebration dinner at (location) on (date) from (time). Carry a main dish and dessert to share. Table services and drinks provided. Hoping to see you there!
  • You are cordially invited to join us for the 10th annual office party on (date). Kindly bring food to share, and have fun!
  • Let’s celebrate! Join us for a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing.
  • It’s the time to revive, restrain, rejuvenate. Uncover the star in you and become part of the celebration. The party details are date, time and venue.
  • We would like to personally invite you to our office party, happening on (date). All you need to bring is a smile on your face as you celebrate with us!
  • Please join us at our office party for an outdoor festival celebration at (location) on (date) from (time). Respond to (name) (phone no.).
  • Friends and Colleagues, please join us for an evening of holiday cheer on (date). The theme is (theme of party). Only bring yourselves as food and drinks will be taken care of by the company.
  • Bring your imagination to a game by joining us at our annual office decoration party, which will be hosted by (name) from (time) at (location). Will be happy to see you there!
  • On (Date) the company wants to see all its stars on the dance floor. Be ready to rock the show. Time and venue.