Love Poems: Happiness The Miracle Of Love, You Changed My Life Forever

Love Poems: Happiness The Miracle Of Love, You Changed My Life Forever. How to take your relationship to the next level. Dig deep inside your thoughts about them and pull out all the sweet things you want to say to them. Good idea to Post it on your Facebook, share it on Pinterest, put it up on your Instagram, send them a text or give it to them on a handwritten note. Don’t shy out and don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself. Saying I Love You not too complicated – its awesomeness. finally That’s One Deserved.

Love Poems Happiness The Miracle Of Love You Changed My Life Forever

Love At First Sight

I fell deep in love, the first time I saw you,
Your love, my darling made me feel so beautiful and new,
It feels so wonderful to see your pleasant face,
Makes me feel like kidnapping and taking you to some other place,
Where there would be no one to disturb us,
It would be just you, me and never ending bliss.
You are the only one in the world, whose love comes for without a price
Thank you, my love, for giving me the taste of paradise.
I love you so much, more than you can ever know,
In your love sweetheart, my heart will always glow.


How You Changed My Life

I would wander all alone without any goal in mind,
Till you popped into my life and God showed me a sign.
I knew, you were my soul mate right when our eyes met,
You were the one for me, and on that I could even bet!

Today finally that you my darling, are a part of my life,
I just cannot express myself and tell you how happy I am.
Every moment spent by your side is just so perfect,
I want to rob you and take to with me till the end of time


My life My Miracle Of Love

It is called the sweet magic of love,
That makes you feel you’re in heaven above;

And then life begins to feel so beautiful,
So pure, worth-living, absolutely wonderful;

This miracle happened in my life too,
It happened the second I met you.

Love Poems Happiness

True Love Always Stay

True love stays forever and ever, forever does true love stay,
It always manages to lighten up our lives & brighten up our days.
Whenever your sad and gloomy just give the one you love, a call,
And you will see for yourself the way all your troubles will fall.


Always Stay By Me

Your very presence, my dear, makes my life complete,
Without you everything around me is colour less and bleak.
So promise me that you will never ever leave my side,
In any kind of stormy weather or tide.
Always stay by me, holding my hand,
‘Coz only you can take me into a magical land.

When You Are My Everything

Baby you form my whole world, you are my night and my day,
No matter how my day goes you always manage to brighten up my way.
You make me so happy and so joyful, just with your presence,
You make me fall in love with you everyday with your fragrance.
I want to live with you like this forever and ever my love,
Cause you are just like this beautiful angel from heaven above.
I’ve made a silent promise to myself to love you like this forever,
I will make it a point to see to it that we are always like this together.


I feel, The Magic Of Your Love

You glow my world with your magical smile,
In your love, I could walk without a stop for miles;
For magical, is what I feel when I am with you,
You and me are super tight, like paper and glue;
Sweetheart, I just cannot wait to meet you again,
‘Coz without you my dear, I’m going insane!
I miss you like crazy, each time you’re away,
Can’t stop myself from looking forward to meeting you again.
I love you so so much my dear.


Your Smile Bunch Of Happiness

Your smile shines brighter than even the morning sun,
You, my dear, are more irresistible than chocolates with rum;
Each time you put your beautiful arms around me,
I realize my love for you is so vast and deep;
It makes me forget the world outside,
Coz’ for them, I just seem to go blind.
Nobody can ever make me feel like this,
You, my love, are a bunch of happiness.

Lovely Life Quotes Life Begins To Feel So Beautiful The Miracle Of Love

Take me to the glory An Angelic Love

Smother me in your wings,
Flap them to sorcerers land.
Only you could hear me where,
‘Coz only you can understand.

Blessed by your soul,
Lonely times are no more sad.
Lost in the losing world,
Sorry times are no more hard.

Take me to the glory road,
Slide a honey-sweet feeling in me.
Put me in your untouched heart
And fall in love with me.
I love you!


Why Always Love-Struck For You

My silent words shall speak,
As I see you with my shut eye.

Love-struck heart shall walk up to you,
As you walk more close, and lie.

Our innocent thirsty emotions,
Will buy every dream,
Taste every joy.

Our bitter-sweet impatience,
To fly and kiss every high.
To touch our moments together,
Every sorrow shall fear,
Shall fear to try.

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