147 Birthday Wishes for Your Son – Happy Birthday Son Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Your Son Happy Birthday Son Quotes

Happy birthday wishes for son: I thank God every day for having given me an amazing kid. I’m very proud of you. Thank you for being a wonderful son like that. Truly, I am proud of you. You are a treasure from heaven, giving me a great deal of pleasure and affection. Happy Son’s Birthday! You are my joy and my pride, a man after my own heart.

Wish you many happy returns in your day. Dear boy, you are to us like a prince. Happy birthday! Words are just not enough to explain how incredible it is for me to have you as my son. My Son’s Happy Birthday. I just want you to get everything you want in life, stay blessed, wish you a happy birthday, always!

Proud parents celebrating your son’s happy birthday wishes. As you celebrate your son’s birthday, it is an extra special day for you and your family! Let passion, excitement, and pride fill your spirit, and don’t hesitate to copy (and hopefully paste) one of the following birthdays wish ideas if you need the words to articulate these feelings.

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Happy Birthday Wishes | Birthday Messages For Your Son From Parents

These are the times when I believe as time moves way too quickly. In the blink of an eye, you have grown from a boy to a young man. I wish I had time to slow down and wish you a happy birthday.

“Eat your dinner” and “wash your teeth” and “go to bed”! You once said that I was full of orders. You make me proud of what you are, now all grown up and away, free to live your daily life as you wish. Happy birthday, the best accomplishment of my life!

Live life to the full. Get fun, but have fun, not too much. Joyful birthday, baby.

To my pride and joy, you are the reason why every morning I wake up with a smile. Have a fantastic birthday, right from my heart to yours.

There’s no reason to sit up late wondering if you have a son as wonderful and responsible as you. Thanks for being the greatest son of all time! Happy anniversary.

Happy Birthday, Son! 147+ Birthday Wishes For Your Boy

The World’s Best Sibling. Happy anniversary. I couldn’t pack them into one little happy birthday wish. There are so many words. A simple “happy birthday” is clearly not enough for you, my boy. If I could, I’d give you the world.

You may be in your teens and on the road to being a young man, my son, but you are always going to be my baby child. Happy anniversary.

To me, you are the best gift. So I wanted to make a special one for your birthday. Enjoy the special day of yours, Baby!

Dear Baby, more than you might ever imagine, I love you. To me, you mean the universe. Wishing you a very happy birthday, and there will be many, many more.

My baby, on this day and every day, we wish you a happy birthday and many blessings. Forever, love, young mom, and dad.

What a beautiful joy to have an exceptionally gifted son like you. So happy for naming you my very own son. Nice birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes | Birthday Messages For Your Son From Parents

The World’s Best Sibling. Happy anniversary. We feel very grateful to have raised a son like you. From the bottom of our hearts, Happy Birthday.

Realizing that all of your deepest wishes and desires for your son have come to fruition is a genuinely satisfying and validating experience. I’m proud of the fine person you’ve been. Never stop being incredible! For you, happy birthday.

Let us make a birthday toast to the King of Birthdays! My Baby, happy birthday!

Hi, kid, are you sure of what day it is today? Ok, let’s blow up a couple of candles, make a wish and find out! Nice birthday!

Maybe I like a present like the one you’ll get today, but then I’ve got you again! My little boy, happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Son - Happy Birthday Son

One of my best blessings in life is such an amazing song. Happy birthday my son!

You’re a part of me, Dear Boy, and I’m a part of you. Nothing will divide my heart from you. Get a truly blessed anniversary.

I advise you to pause every second, scale the highest heights, and take the biggest risks today on your birthday, for they can lead you to a lot of rewards. Love forever, from your dad.

Short Birthday Messages For Your Son

Wishing the world’s most amazing son a happy birthday. I love you, dear uncle, so much.

Can your birthday put into your life seas of joy and blessings? Nice birthday!

Short Birthday Messages For Your Son

Wishing my sweet and loving son a beautiful celebration of his birthday. Know that you mean the world to me when you celebrate yet another special day in your life.

Hey, Hurray! Today, my beautiful son is celebrating his birthday! Brother, you deserve nothing in life but the best. My dear, happy birthday.

May your life always be in the company of pleasure, love, and harmony, my marvelous son. Yeah, dear, happy birthday.

Blessed birthday, dear son. The day you came into this world, our lives were made lighter. We will forever love you.

Brother, this is your special day, and for the thousandth time, I want to take this day as an occasion to remind you that you are always going to be my precious treasure. Oh, loving you.

Happy birthday wishes for son and daughter: messages and quotes

Words are too powerless to articulate how proud I am of you. Brother, my best wishes.

I’m going to do whatever is possible to put a smile on your forehead. I’m going to wander around the planet barefoot just to fill your heart with pleasure because you’re all mine. Nice birthday.

Brother, on earth, you are my biggest fortune. Nice birthday.

On your special day, my heart still overflows with happiness, because it’s the day that God blessed my life with your life. Nice birthday.

Son, remember on your birthday that every blessed day of your life gives you a chance to make your dreams come true, so don’t stop chasing those dreams at all.

Choose from a wonderful collection of birthday wishes for son from mom and dad. Surprise you | Birthday wishes for son, Happy birthday son wishes, Happy birthday son

Dearest son, in this hugely exciting new stage of your life, I wish you all the best. Nice birthday.

Can all of the world’s peace be yours today and forever. Happy birthday to the son who brings to my life sunshine and light.

Nice boy, happy birthday. May it be colorful, safe, and joyful every day of your life.

Wishing a splendid birthday to the most phenomenal son in the world. Can your steps always be guided along the direction that leads to success and happiness?

When I think about the fact that you are my baby, my heart always bursts with joy and happiness. Nice birthday.

Son Birthday Wishes: Unique Birthday Messages For Your Adult Sons

Whatever is in your past, my dear son has gone with the past. Forget the past and concentrate on the future. As you celebrate another birthday today, I wish you lots of democratic accomplishments. He loves you so much, darling. Good birthday.

Son Birthday Wishes: Unique Birthday Messages For Your Adult Sons

Happy birthday, lovely baby. Since you were a toddler, I’ve always been proud of you. Today, when you mark yet another special day in your life, I want you to know that, even though no one does, I believe in you. I know that in life, you are deserving of tremendous achievement. Don’t encourage these tough times to hit you. You are a conqueror, and I know that you are going to emerge victorious from this one. Hold on just a little bit longer.

May God grant you the strength and courage to persevere through these very hard times as you celebrate this special day. I believe you are going to smile at the end of the day.

Wishing you a happy anniversary. I know things haven’t been the easiest for you in recent years, but please remember that God is in charge and alive. Place your faith in God, for He would never let you down. He alone has the power to turn a situation that is impossible into a possible one. Love yourself, son.

Although at this point, it might feel as if your life is falling apart, I beg you to remain positive. Keep up the course. Do whatever. Scream, weep, scream, but never give up because victory is just around the corner.

Birthday Wishes For Your Boy | Messages To Sons From Mothers And Fathers

My boy, happy birthday! We love you so much, both of us, and we love the family we built together!

Birthday Wishes For Your Boy | Messages To Sons From Mothers And Fathers

I was absolute before you came into my world. You are the best hit of my life! Nice celebration, my number one birthday!

“What a sweet little boy,” as you came along, everyone said. I knew then that the storm of honey would be my life! My little prince, happy birthday!

I was alarmed several times when you were far from me. Work for mothers is full of concerns. But my job, above all, is to love you until the end of time! Happy birthday, the darling of mine!

Our journey started on this day many years ago, when you came into my world. It was when it all became meaningful! I wish you life, my dear boy, full of love, joy, and purpose! Nice birthday!

No matter how many years have passed, you will always be my little one. Happy birthday, my beloved son.

Happy Birthday Son: 147+ Meaningful And Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

My wonderful boy, I love you to the end of time, I love you to the moon and back, I will always love you no matter what! All the best on your birthday!

Today is your birthday, baby. Go and have a sound of pleasure! Happy birthday from your mommy! Cute birthday picture for the son.

Happy Birthday my beloved son. Can all your life be funny and happy?

Oh, little guy, let’s blast the candles and cut the cake tonight! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my good-looking boy! Have fun and keep strong!

To find out what I got you for your birthday, let’s wait until the party! Love & kisses, a kid of mine!

My boy, happy birthday! Have fun, you are the person of honor today!

Choose from a wonderful collection of birthday wishes for son from mom and dad. Surprise you | Birthday wishes for son, Happy birthday son wishes, Happy birthday son

Happy Birthday, and may your whole life also be funny and happy, baby!

Nice guys like you deserve a lot, but let’s start with some mommy kisses! Oh, boy, happy birthday!

I’ve been celebrating each of your birthdays, year after year. I’ll never get tired of sending my best wishes to you.

There are so many ways of wishing you a happy birthday, but all this boils down to that. With all my heart, I love you. From your mother, Happy Birthday.

My dear son, remember me while you’re off enjoying the freedoms of adulthood.

Remember me while you are away from achieving your goals and living out your dreams. You always have a warm bed to come home to, a shoulder to lean on, and two ears to listen to. Happy anniversary.

Live life to the maximum. Get fun, but have fun, not too much. Happy anniversary.


We are very pleased and excited to have a son like you who is good and obedient. Indeed, you have brought us so much pride and joy. May God fill your life with all the positive things which exist in this world as you mark another year on earth. Blessed birthday, dear son.

Birthday Wishes for Daughters and Sons - Birthday Messages, Greetings & Quotes for Sons & Daughters

Happy birthday, lovely son of mine. I will always see you, no matter how old you are in life, as my sweet little angel who always lets my heart burst with happiness. I wish you a great birthday full of fun and interesting gifts. I love you, baby, so much.

I recall how God brought you to me as a package of joy wrapped in a fabric of goodness and joy, whenever I think on the past. Since you were born, you have brought me so much joy. May your life be filled with an abundance of love, happiness, and lots of presents to make your world even more beautiful while you celebrate your special day today. Blessed birthday, dear son.

Brother, seeing you make us happy every day of our lives is the true joy of life. On your birthday, we just want to let you know that getting you into this world is the best thing we’ve ever done in our lives. We love you very much and wish you a life that is secure, safe, and full of all the joy that your caring heart is capable of carrying. Get an awesome anniversary.

The number one root of my happiness, baby, is you. There aren’t two ways around it. As you enjoy your birthday, I want you to know that the best thing that I did in my life was mothering/fathering you. Whenever I think of the beautiful individual that you have grown up to become, pleasure overtakes my soul. Happy birthday, my happiness, my love, and my pride.

Know that we have not taken you to be alone here on earth, which is why we will always be there for you anytime you need us. We love you too much, and that can’t ever change anything. We hope that each moment of your life will fill you with the invaluable gift of true happiness that you fill our souls with every single day as you mark your Big Day. Happy birthday, precious son of ours!

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Adult Son

Son, when you enjoy today’s special day, remember that not even the strength of President Trump’s fascination with Russia and money can be compared to the strength of my love for you! Nice birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Adult Son

Do you know research continues to show time and again that those who celebrate more birthdays live longer than those who don’t?! Blessed birthday, dear son.

As you celebrate the day you came to this planet, I can not help but recall how you hated being spanked and taking a nap when you were a kid. I bet, at this point, that’s all you ever think of. Get a terrific one.

Wishing you a terrific birthday, son. I can’t imagine that my cute little son is quickly getting closer and closer to receiving savings and offers with senior citizens. Brother, you know, when you look at it from another perspective, old age isn’t a bad thing.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son | FOR YOUR SON’S BIRTHDAY POEMS

The head bearing the crown is always uncomfortable.
Yet nothing good and worth achieving is easy,
It’s just how the world was and is going to be,
Forging ahead and conquering is what you have to do.
We will always be there for you in mind and body.
Keep going higher and higher,
Happy birthday, birthday

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Son | FOR YOUR SON'S BIRTHDAY POEMS

Some may term it a life lived by one’s child vicariously.
Nothing may be further from the facts, though.
And you’re giving me a second chance to repair my mistakes and live the facts.
You are a tool of hope.
And I am very honored and humbled to have my son call you,
Happy birthday, birthday

I sob for you as you cry,
I am happy for you when you are happy.
I’m glad for you when you succeed,
And I’m there for you when you’re weak,
In every sense of the word, you make parenthood exceptionally lovely.
I’m genuinely grateful for this.
Happy birthday, my prince, my prince!

Birthday Greetings for your Adult Son | Your Teenage Son’s Birthday Wishes

We are the proud parents of an exceptional young man. Our biggest gift is seeing you become the person you have developed into, independent, courageous, and accomplished. Get an enchanting birthday.

Birthday Greetings for your Adult Son | Your Teenage Son's Birthday Wishes

When you master the art of converting every negative into a positive, living life is a refreshing experience. Remember to approach the difficulties of life with a positive mindset. Love you always, the birthday of happiness!

Son, happy birthday. You might be too old for a curfew, but don’t let your head go that way.

You’ve always been the life of the party, my lively son… especially when the party is all about you. You deserve a happy birthday!

There’s nothing stronger than the love of a mother, except the prayers of a mother. Today and every day, remember that someone is always praying for you and rooting for your success. Be encouraged, my son. Happy anniversary.

My sweet son, you have filled my life with so much love. Don’t forget to give me a birthday hug through all this birthday madness.

Until I gave birth to you, I didn’t believe in miracles. The day I learned to love and to dream is the day you entered my life. Get a birthday of pleasure!

Birthday pictures to support you in talks, texts, and emails to wish your son.
Joyful birthday, baby.

For your birthday, you deserve too many hugs and kisses, but I’ll try not to smother you too much. Have a very happy birthday, son of mine.

The day you became a man, my boy, is the day I stopped worrying and began to believe. To wish you the best birthday of all time.

Son, have a wonderful birthday! In so many ways, you remind me so much of your dad. He’s handsome, strong, and smart.

Dear Boy, it is no secret that you will always keep in my heart the number 1 spot. Sending you heartfelt birthday wishes!

Glad to see, Son, that you made it to another year. I’m wishing you success this year. Let prosper all you do. Get a birthday of pleasure!

Celebrating the day of your beautiful birth is a pleasure. Let’s celebrate my life’s happiest day.

I feel deeply fortunate to be with you for another birthday. You’re the best song ever to have existed!

You’ve made us happy parents of ours. We couldn’t have wished for a great son. In you, we have what we need. Nice birthday!

Wishing both of you the best on a really special day. Enjoy your birthday for it is a celebration-worthy day.

My baby, I will never stay angry with you long. To those naive eyes, I was always a sucker. Wishing you the happiest of all birthdays.

My birthday boy, I got all of your favorite stuff for your special day… your favorite cake, your favorite dinner, and your favorite mom… ME!

Dear Boy, in the book of your life, turn a leaf. In the next chapter, you are guaranteed to discover exciting adventures. Enjoy your trip! Happy anniversary.

You are my biggest surprise and my greatest joy, my son. You were my little treasure rolled up in a package of joy the day you were born. Cherishing you every day and on your birthday!

Birthday wishes for son to use on texts and chats

Oh, little boy, let’s blow up the candles and cut the cake tonight! Happy anniversary.

Birthday wishes for son to use on texts and chats

If you grow up and reach the age of your dad, then you will know how much I love you, baby!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son who has always been a powerful warrior, and for that I love him!

Life’s journey is lengthy and thrilling. For love and support, have fun and always count on us! My boy, happy birthday!

May your dreams come true, may your days be full of life-thirsting pleasure! Happy Birthday, that’s how we love you, baby!

I cannot believe that I have such an amazing song! It’s the best gift of all time! Nice birthday!

I can’t love you anymore, Mr. Great Man, but let me try blowing the candles after you! Happy birthday, my kisses and affection

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a Happy Birthday, my boy. Getting you is a great blessing.

We love you and we support you no matter where you go or what path you want in life! Wishing your birthday good fortune!

Happy birthday my dr son | For your Son, Hilarious Birthday Quotes

Dear boy, while your birthday may not have achieved the status of a coveted national holiday, your mother and I will strive to treat it as one. Maybe to make that happen, you should become president.

Happy birthday my dr son | For your Son, Hilarious Birthday Quotes

Son, your taste has grown in complexity as your ken; so it was hard to find a gift for you. We hope that you are not offended that we have gone for the basics, cakes!

I hope that the candles didn’t make the new girls on the block incredibly hot for you. I suppose they wouldn’t notice, anyway! My dear, happy birthday.

Your party color would be neither red nor blue if you were a politician, nor white because you are such a maverick! Nice birthday to you, dearest son of mine.

We should exchange all those wonderful gifts fairly because this is also my day to be a mother/father. Brother, happy birthday to you. Oh, I love you.

My Second Son’s Birthday Texts Messages | Birthday Wishes

Nice birthday, baby! May this modern era that you are enjoying today add to your life a lot of happiness and achievements.

My Second Son's Birthday Texts Messages | Birthday Wishes

Can this special day make the countless moments of your life better than heaven? I love you, my dear prince, so much. Nice birthday.

Good wishes to my beautiful and cherished second son for a new age to come. Will the heavens always bestow upon you love, joy, and safety. Nice birthday.

On your birthday, give you blessings of good health, joy, and prosperity. Huge loving you!

Wishing you a happy and glorious, super-duper anniversary, son. Can your birthday bring your world unparalleled and boundless pleasure?

Nice birthday! I hope that the blessings you earn will bring you to a brighter and healthier future on this special occasion of your life.

A dearest second son, may the skies, all the days of your life, be kind and gracious to you. Nice birthday. And note that I will always be there for you as long as I have lived in my body.

Nice birthday! Can this birthday usher a plethora of joy and happiness into your life? Oh, I love you.

Congratulations on turning today into an amazing brand new century, baby! I wish you lots of peace, blessings, and prosperity on your birthday. I can’t thank you enough for making a more joyful world for me.

Please embrace my heartfelt congratulations on today’s turn into a new century. As you begin this new chapter in your amazing life, I wish you all the best. Nice birthday!

Wishing you a thrilling and extraordinary birthday party! Can peace beyond imagining exist in your life forever.

Best wishes in this new step of your life for tremendous success and enjoyment. Happy birthday, lovely baby.

We are the proud parents of an exceptional young man. Our biggest gift is seeing you become the person you have developed into, independent, courageous, and accomplished. Get an enchanting birthday.

Your Son’s 16th Birthday Excerpts | Birthday Wishes, Quotes

Happy 16th anniversary. This is the era that is fine. You are neither young nor old. Get the time of a lifetime, baby!

Your Son's 16th Birthday Excerpts | Birthday Wishes, Quotes

The most exciting time in one’s life is being a teenager. Yet it’s much more fun to be 16. Enjoy all the pros of being a sixteen-year-old. Nice birthday.

I just want to remind you on your landmark birthday that you have the ability to make all of your wishes come true, so never stop chasing your dreams. Happy Sixteenth.

Being 16 is one of life’s most enthralling years. Take advantage of and better your life with all the possibilities that come with this generation. Happy 16th, beloved baby.

Happy 16th anniversary, son. I hope you make the most of your life in this super exciting chapter. Get a terrific one.

Son, Bravo on turning 16! I hope that the anniversary of your 16th year of creation on this earth will bring you the joy that every time I think about how fortunate I am to have you as my son, you bring to my heart. Bask in all the joy that will offer you every blessed day of your life as a 16-year-old.

16 is the age that brings the most pleasure and the least concerns for you. Take joy, dear son, in being 16. Nice birthday.

Turning 16 is one of the reasons why life is as thrilling as a teenager. Savor each sweet moment in this wonderful period. Happy 16th anniversary.

The entire big world is your oyster at 16 years of age. Mold it into any form that your heart wants. Nice birthday.

There are so many cool things you can do in your life at this age. I trust in you, which is why I am more than sure that as you enjoy the journey through this thrilling chapter of your life, you can make the right choices. Happy 16th anniversary.

16 is the reason that the word “fun” in the dictionary remains. This is one of the main reasons that older adults are envious of normal 16-year-life. old’s Can this age gives you all of the world’s happiness.

16 still has its ups and downs, much like any other generation, but I can assure you that it has way more ups than downs. Enjoy all the positive and healthy stuff associated with this era. Happy 16th, dearest son of mine.

Birthday Wishes for Son, happy 18th birthday!

Wow!-Wow! I can’t believe that my little one is all grown up. Happy birthday, my most cherished son at 18. In your new step of life, I wish you several more years of opportunity.

Birthday Wishes for Son, happy 18th birthday!

Happy eighteenth birthday, baby. It’s so fantastic to see you mature into a beautiful young man. My dear boy, I bless God for bringing you to me. You are the sweetest child on this earth, and with all my heart, I will forever cherish and love you.

You, our beautiful young man, have a happy 18th birthday. May God bless you with good friends, wealth, and happiness as you turn into a grown-up. Now and forever, we love you.

Congratulations on your eighteenth birthday, dearest son. Can God help you achieve all the goals and aspirations that you have set for yourself in life, as you take steps towards a new chapter of your life? Son, more than life itself, we love you.

Look how big you have gotten! I really can’t believe it, but you know you’re always going to be our precious little teddy bear for us, and our lovely son, no matter how many years have gone by. Happy eighteenth birthday, baby.

Birthday Messages for Son, happy 21 birthday!

May you have the confidence to take advantage of all the possibilities that exist in existence to brighten your future when you approach your 21st birthday. Nice birthday.

Birthday Messages for Son, happy 21 birthday!

Your 21st birthday congratulations, baby. Know that whatever you do, I will always be proud to be the one who has fathered/mothered a son like you.

Good birthday on the 21st, baby. Try to believe in yourself at all times, and you’ll really get there in life.

An exciting future is just around the corner at this age, so don’t be afraid to dream big and chase after those dreams. Happy birthday on the 21st.

There are so many reasons why turning 21 is an awesome age. I hope you can use this chapter of your life to make the best of it. My dear, happy birthday.

Being 21 is awesome! Remember to make it worthwhile for this fantastic period of your life. Have a birthday party of bliss, mother.

Happy birthday to my fabulous son, who turns 21 today. May this day see you make sweet memories for all the days of your life that you will treasure. Happy Twenty.
From the first day you came into this world, our lives got lighter and more important. Happy birthday on the 21st.

Happy Birthday Quotes | Your Son’s 30th Birthday Texts

Just how time goes! Three decades have already come and gone since your birth. May you live a lifetime of pleasure, good health, stability, and harmony as you mark another big accomplishment in your life today.

Happy Birthday Quotes | Your Son's 30th Birthday Texts

In the thirties of one’s youth, hopes and ambitions come to life. I wish both of you aspire to become springs in your life, as you mark your thirtieth year on this earth. Multiple happy returns!

Blessed birthday, dear son. You’re technically a Tricenarian right now. There’s no small thing about three decades of living on planet earth, which is why we hope you’ll enjoy this day to the fullest. May you fill all the days of your life with lovely blessings. Oh, I love you.

Happy Birthday Textx | Your Son’s 40th birthday greetings

Just how time goes! I cannot imagine that now, my precious son is 40 years old. Son, may all the hopes and dreams that you have set for yourself always come true as you enjoy another wonderful chapter of your life. All of the days of your life, remain blessed. Nice birthday.

Happy Birthday Textx | Your Son's 40th birthday greetings

Nothing on Earth will deter us from joining you in celebrating this amazing landmark in your life, dearest son. We will enjoy your special day, as there is no tomorrow! We hope that this day will bring you a lot of luck and happiness. Blissful 40th birthday!

Put on your dance shoes and enjoy every second of this day. You only get to turn 40 once. Nice birthday.

We’re full of respect for your success so early in life. We hope you will continue to evolve and mature in all facets of life as you mark another year today. Joyful 40th birthday, baby.

Yay!-Yay! You’re a quadragenarian now! You have to be proud of yourself, just as we are proud of you. Brother, you have brought little to buy joy into our lives in your life, which is why today we ask God to grace your life with eternal joy. Have an awesome 40th birthday, baby.