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14 Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic

Looking for the Coronavirus quotes to protect the biggest virus pandemic in history. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a modern virus-infectious disease. The illness triggers respiratory distress (like flu) and signs such as cough, nausea, and more serious breathing problems. You should support yourself by constantly washing your mouth, not rubbing your skin and preventing physical interaction with others who are unwell.

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic

How this really Expands? Coronavirus disease spreads mainly through a cough or sneezes through touching an infected human. This often spreads when a human contacts a surface or item containing the virus, then exposes their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Coronavirus Quotes From Pandemic

1. “Avoid close contact with people who are sick.”
Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic 1

2. “Stay home when you are sick, except to get medical care.”
Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic 2

3. “Right now the first and foremost priority of the entire humankind must be to plank the curve through self-isolation.”
Abhijit Naskar

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic 3

4. “Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue.”
Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic 4

5. “I wish we changed before we had to. COVID-19 brought so many changes to the world that will benefit everyone. We needed the wake-up call.”
Farshad Asl

Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic 5
Coronavirus Quotes To Protect Yourself From Pandemic

6. “COVID-19 is not just a medical challenge, but a spiritual challenge too. To defeat this humanity need to follow the path of self-purification and the path nonviolence, God and the Nature.”
Amit Ray

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7. “…whenever a new, especially successful form of an infection emerges, it will spread rapidly around the globe.”
William H. McNeill

8. “COVID 19 is the Biggest challenge for science. But it is the biggest Exam for Humanity. Our People are dying, it’s not in our hands. But it’s in our hands, don’t let Pandemic Kill Humanity”
Mohammed Zaki Ansari

9. “The world needs huge positive energy to fight against the negative forces. Go to the center of your inner begin and generate that positive energy for the welfare of humanity.”
Amit Ray

10. “Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects daily using regular household detergent and water.”
Coronavirus Pandemic

11. “This is a very important contribution to understanding both the natural history of COVID-19 clinical disease as well as the public health implications of viral shedding… Early and potentially highly efficient transmission of the virus occurs before clinical symptoms or in conjunction with the very first mild symptoms.”

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12. “What affects one’s own life affects the lives of others.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

13. “It could take weeks for some places to see substantial increases. If we are successful in limiting transmission through the mitigation strategies, social distancing, then that should bring the numbers down. We’ll just have to wait and see.”
St. Paul Pioneer Press

14. “It is a strange time, my dear. A novel virus haunts our streets. Days feel like weeks, weeks like months. We’re blasted with new news every second— yes and then no and then yes and no, feeding our primal panic to hoard goods and leave shelves breadless, riceless. They tell us the pandemic makes all equal—the poor and very rich— then why are the poor poorer and the rich profiting?

It is a strange time, my dear. Army men are marching our streets. They force us to stay inside, threaten and arrest for a walk in the park. They wage small wars against us, but this battle began long ago. The elite technocrats are crowing in their silicone valleys as corporations grow and small businesses fold with mountains of debt— the center cannot will not, hold! It is a strange time, my dear. Mainstream media reports the world has never been safer as they terrorize the chambers of our minds.

This stress, this anxiety is killing our immunity. But we must do it all for the elderly— or so they say! When have they ever cared for our elders? When have they ever cared for our vulnerable? We go to bed dreaming of toilet paper while they dismantle the world economy. Family businesses go bust all so we can protect the people, but only the people are suffering! At the end of this, those retired will have peanuts for pensions. They are stripping us of everything whilst our eyes are fixed on our screens. And how dare we say it’s a strange time when in seven months we’ll make America great again.” Coronavirus quotes poem
Kamand Kojouri

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