50 Inspiring Quotes About Islamic On God, Life, Success

Beautiful Islamic Quotes about life in English with Images. These Best Islamic Sayings are Motivational & Inspirational for Muslims & Non-Muslims. A big list of “Inspiring Quotes About Islamic On God, Life, Success.”

Inspiring quotes about islamic on god life success
We are very happy today to share more than 40 inspirational Islamic quotes with beautiful images. Most Muslims are eager to express and read lovely Islamic scriptures and Allah’s messages. The social network is full of numerous Coran stories, and Prophet Muhammad’s lovely hadith (peace be on him). Islam is a total code of life, according to the Muslim religion. If you are pleased, depressed, frustrated, or maybe faced with any issues. Being still present in Islam as a Muslim mystical remedy. This is why we have gathered Islamic Quotations from different parts of the Quran and Prophet Sayings the most famous today. 40 + Islamic life quotes are exchanged with lovely visuals. Learn them and swap your favorite quotations with friends if you follow Islam.

  • “When ALLAH is by your side Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.”
  • “Ya Allah, Take me away from everything that takes me away from you.” Aameen”
  • “Allah knows WHAT is the best for you and WHEN it’s best for you to have it.”
  • “Being Muslim is the biggest reward from Allah.”
  • “There is nothing like marriage, for the two who love one another..”
  • “Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in the dark! Ibn Taymiyyah.”
  • “Allah made you a Muslim because he wants to see you in Jannah, all you’ve to do is prove that you’re worthy of it.”
  • “A moment of patience in the moment of anger prevents thousands of moments of regret.”
  • “It is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards of patience is worse.”
  • “My sin had burdened me heavily. But when I measured it against Your Grace, O Lord! Your Forgiveness came out greater..”
  • “Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety It is only on the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly.”

Inspiring quotes about Islamic on god, life, success

1. “There is always a need for intoxication: China has opium, Islam has hashish, the West has a woman.” — Andre Malraux

2. “The concept of God in Jewish orthodoxy is one where you’re having constant quarrels with God. Where I come from, in Islam, the only concept of God is you submit to Him and you obey His commands; no quarreling allowed.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

3. “Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists or sympathetic to terrorists. Equating all Muslims with terrorism is stupid and wrong. But acknowledging that there is a link between Islam and terror is appropriate and necessary.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

4. “The problem is that those of us who were born into Islam and who don’t want to live according to scripture – we don’t have what the Jews have, which is a rabbinical tradition that allows you to ask questions. We also don’t have the church tradition that the Christians have.” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

5. “You always had a few brothers that were speaking on Islam, like my brother’s uncle. It wasn’t big in my neighborhood, but with certain brothers, it was big. I respected it because Islam is my home. I found my home when Islam came to me. I’ve been living with it ever since.” — Ghostface Killah

6. “The more we can do to support and promulgate the intellectual traditions of the Abrahamic faiths – of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – the better armed we will be to fight fundamentalism.” — Jon Meacham

7. “Liberty in Islam is the liberty to be a Muslim, democracy likewise, individualism likewise.” — James Buchan

8. “Not once since becoming president has Mr. Obama linked terror aimed at the United States with Islam.” — Monica Crowley

9. “Practically the only way to dry the swamp of radical Islam is through economic development and an improved standard of living.” — Yitzhak Rabin

10. “There can be no political reform and democracy in any Arab country without accepting that political Islam is a part of it.” — Jamal Khashoggi

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11. “Saudi Arabia is the mother and father of political Islam.” — Jamal Khashoggi

12. “Look at Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution and the slogans that they used: anti-imperialism; anti-colonialism; the struggle of the have-nots against the haves; the state monopoly over the economy, which was very much patterned after the Soviet Union. All of these things did not come out of Islam. Islam is not that developed.” — Azar Nafisi

13. “It’s not the United States’ job to ‘protect’ Islam.” — Dana Loesch

14. “With Islam, there’s the Sharia. There’s the Islamic law which prevails, and as long as it doesn’t distinguish between God and the state, it’s a problem.” — Matteo Salvini

15. “My faith in Islam is not unlike my faith in the game of basketball: Both require immense determination, focus, passion, and discipline.” — Enes Kanter

16. “Like fundamentalist Judaism and medieval Christianity, Islam is total. That is to say, it makes a total claim on the individual.” — Martin Amis

17. “If you’re someone who doesn’t have Muslim friends, and your only experience of Islam is what you see on the news – the angry man with a beard doing or saying something terrible – then you may inadvertently associate that with Islam and think that is what it’s all about.” — Sadiq Khan

18. “This is indeed a clash of civilizations, not between Islam and Christendom but between reason and superstition.” — Polly Toynbee

19. “Mohammed was not an apparent failure. He was a dazzling success, politically as well as spiritually, and Islam went from strength to strength to strength.” — Karen Armstrong

20. “Compassion is the key in Islam and Buddhism and Judaism and Christianity. They are profoundly similar.” — Karen Armstrong

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21. “The very idea that you could have a separation between mosque and state from Islam’s perspective is the imposition on them of Christian practice. Islam doesn’t really have a place for the state. They are a universalistic faith like Christianity, but they think there is no country that bounds Islam.” — Stanley Hauerwas

22. “General Zia-ul-Haq, a dictator and unscrupulous political actor used Islam as a pretext for waging war in Afghanistan and adopting an aggressive stance towards India. By advancing a more orthodox version of Islam, he was able to hold on to a repressive regime and quell any opposition.” — Asma Jahangir

23. “The core of my life is Islam, my religion. Without that, I have no strength, no belief in God or in myself.” — Naseem Hamed

24. “There is something endearing about people who give themselves up completely to their faith. But there is likewise something frightening about such a totality, which also is a feature of Islam.” — Margrethe II of Denmark

25. “Hip-hop in the ’90s began moving towards the Nation of Islam and the 5 Percenters, black nationalist movements; very much so, these movements embraced a form of Islam: Malcolm X’s form of Islam prior to his change.” — Maajid Nawaz

26. “I became, suddenly, not just a Muslim in faith. I became a Muslim in politics. Somebody whose politics were pre-defined by one interpretation of Islam.” — Maajid Nawaz

27. “Yes, women should be free to cover their faces when walking down the street. But in our schools, hospitals, airports, banks, and civil institutions, it is not unreasonable – nor contrary to the teachings of Islam – to expect women to show the one thing that allows the rest of us to identify them… namely, their face.” — Maajid Nawaz

28. “As Commander of the Faithful, it is out of the question that I fight Islam. We need to fight violence and ignorance. It is true when one strolls out, one sees women with scarves and men with beards. This has always been the case in Morocco. Morocco is built on tolerance.” — Mohammed VI of Morocco

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29. “The anniversary of the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001, and September 11, 2012, is a day to remember those who died and suffered. It is also an opportunity to open a new dialogue on the tactics and strategies that have been successful – and unsuccessful – in confronting, containing, and defeating the threat from radical Islam.” — Pete Hoekstra

30. “All views can’t be true because all views are opposite; this is the logical aspect. For example, Islam says we are good in nature; Christianity says we are born in sin. Islam says God is a man; Christianity says He is more than a man, He is God. All truths can’t be the same.” — Norman Geisler

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31. “Secular intellectuals may wax eloquent about ‘true Islam’ being humane and peaceful, on TV programs, but it is clear that they have not read any authoritative translations of the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith.” — Subramanian Swamy

32. “I have a lot of respect for aspects of Islam, but I would not choose to live in a theocratically organized Muslim society.” — John Rhys-Davies

33. “At the height of his popularity in 1977, Cat Stevens converted to Islam and dedicated his life to educational and philanthropic causes.” — Shawn Amos

34. “Religion is defined by the relationship between God and man. And Islam is the submission and the acknowledgment of the human being to the creator.” — Feisal Abdul Rauf

35. “Koran says whoever believes in God on the last day shall be saved. It is a religion whose very name, Islam, comes from the word Shalom, which means peace. It’s about establishing peace. We greet each other with peace be upon you, which the Jews do in greeting each other.” — Feisal Abdul Rauf

36. “In popular culture, there isn’t any other conception of Islam and Muslims other than what you see on the news… When you go to a theme park, you see Muslims riding roller coasters and eating ice cream. Why doesn’t anybody think of those Muslims when they think of Muslims?” — Kumail Nanjiani

37. “Islamist terrorism is cancer on Islam, and Muslims themselves must fight it at our side.” — Marine Le Pen

38. “There are some who believe that secularism and Islam are not compatible. But Muslims should show everyone that this is not the case. It’s up to them to show that you can be French and Muslim and still respect secular rules.” — Marine Le Pen

39. “The bravest heart is the one that stays close to Allah (God), even, when it’s in pain.” — Anonymous

40. “When you forget that you need Allah (God), He puts you in a situation that causes you to call upon Him. And that’s for your own good.” — Omar Suleiman

For the most part, Islam is about peace. It’s dealing with submission to the most high. Mohammed is a prophet, a messenger. But at the same time, we’ll fight in the name of Allah. We’re not going to let you disrespect our prophet. Ghostface Killah · The United States is not, and never will be, at war with Islam.