38 Inspiring Quotes About Exercise For Encouragement – Words Of Wisdom

inspiring quotes about exercise for encouragement
You need to concentrate on yourself in order to make progress in your life. May these excerpts motivate you to reflect on your own life and behave to fulfill your own dreams. Top 40 motivational quotes on exercise for motivation workout.

Here are some quotes about exercise for encouragement:

  • “The body achieves what the mind believes”.
  • “Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”.
  • “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen”.
  • “Fall in love with the process and the results will come”.
  • “What seems impossible today will one day be your warm up”.
  • “If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”.

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Some other quotes about exercise include:

  • “You are stronger than you think”.
  • “A little progress each day adds up to big results”.
  • “Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable”.
  • “Once you are exercising regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it”.
  • “If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness”.
  • “Dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start”.
  • “Good things come to those who sweat”.
  • “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”.

Inspiring quotes about exercise for encouragement

1. “I train five-and-a-half out of seven days and do a combination of exercise.” — Daniel Ricciardo

Best life quotes about exercise and mental health

2. “In my seventies, I exercised to stay ambulatory. In my eighties, I exercise to avoid assisted living.” — Dick Van Dyke

3. “My favorite kind of acting scenes, or at least where I think people shine the brightest, are odes to Meisner technique scenes where people are face-to-face, and it’s almost like a repetition exercise.” — Timothee Chalamet

4. “I think most diets are torture, which is why I don’t believe in them. But, as is true with exercise, when you make a change and feel the benefits, you want to stick with it.” — Khloe Kardashian

5. “I’m not good at sports, but I do exercise because we have to move. Besides walking my dog four times a day, I go to the gym and do 30 minutes on a stationary bike while reading a book because I get bored, then 10 minutes of weights and 10 of stretches.” — Maye Musk

6. “I think exercise is really important, not just for your physical self, for your body, but for your head.” — Jill Biden

Inspiring exercise quotes motivation have to do with healthy living

7. “Getting up to Zaire – getting ready to fight Muhammad Ali – I thought this will be a matter of just a little exercise. I’ll probably knock him out in three rounds. Two, three – maybe three and a half rounds. That was the most confidence I had in my whole life.” — George Foreman

8. “To deprecate human reason by saying that none of us is or can be omniscient is absurd, for it takes an impossible standard as the judge of a possible and real condition. All of our knowledge we get from the exercise of our reason; to say that no man can be God and know everything is to take an irrational standard of evaluation.” — Murray Rothbard

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9. “Try to think of working out and healthy eating as a lifestyle. Rather than go on a diet or try a crazy exercise routine, try making them something you do every day.” — Allyson Felix

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10. “I don’t always enjoy curating, but I do believe it’s part of my job. It’s good exercise for my brain, like warming up. Just focusing on my work would be so depressing! For me, curating is necessary – it’s like physical training.” — Takashi Murakami

Inspirational quotes to inspire you to exercise on yourself

11. “The Imperial German Government will not expect the Government of the United States to omit any word or any act necessary to the performance of its sacred duty of maintaining the rights of the United States and its citizens and of safeguarding their free exercise and enjoyment.” — William Jennings Bryan

12. “All our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthens by exercise: therefore, if you choose to use the bad or those which tend to evil till they become your masters, and neglect the good till they dwindle away, you have only yourself to blame.” — Anne Bronte

13. “I generally wake up, exercise and read through a huge amount of newspapers. I get to the office somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 – my brothers and I are always the first ones in.” — Ivanka Trump

14. “It’s very tricky to throw a morally flexible character onto the screen and have an audience empathize. It’s always an exercise in restraint.” — Ryan Reynolds

15. “I do it as a therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline.” — Jack LaLanne

16. “You can’t get rid of it with exercise alone. You can do the most vigorous exercise and only burn up 300 calories in an hour. If you’ve got fat on your body, the exercise firms and tones the muscles. But when you use that tape measure, what makes it bigger? It’s fat!” — Jack LaLanne

17. “In the due exercise of your official power, in strictest accordance with the law and the Constitution, you can deprive the enemy of that which, above all else, has given, and still gives him, aid and comfort.” — Robert Dale Owen

18. “God did not intend religion to be an exercise club.” — Naguib Mahfouz

19. “If you only exercise your soloist’s muscles, the other muscles quickly atrophy.” — Cate Blanchett

20. “Even low-calorie diets and vigorous exercise fail to work in the long term for at least some people.” — Andrew Weil

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Inspirational exercise quotes about health and sayings

21. “I am a particular fan of integrative exercise – that is, exercise that occurs in the course of doing some productive activity such as gardening, bicycling to work, doing home improvement projects and so on.” — Andrew Weil

22. “Dog parks can be a fantastic way to socialize your dog, but it’s important for owners to understand that a dog park isn’t exercised and isn’t a substitute for a walk. A visit to the dog park is fun – playtime.” — Cesar Millan

23. “I don’t have stamina in exercise… but I have it in life.” — Salma Hayek

24. “I will not have Botox. You know why? Because I eat! I eat the fat, I eat the vegetable, I eat everything. If you exercise and you don’t eat enough, it takes its toll on the skin.” — Salma Hayek

25. “Any government, that is its own judge of, and determines authoritatively for the people, what are its own powers over the people, is an absolute government of course. It has all the powers that it chooses to exercise. There is no other or at least no more accurate definition of a despotism than this.” — Lysander Spooner

26. “It’s hard for me to talk about Dom right now because I am Dom right now. So it’s a really strange exercise to try to reflect on something that I am at the moment. But I guarantee you that when I’m done with the movie and you ask me that question, I’ll be able to give you something insightful.” — Vin Diesel

27. “Physical activity is considered a promising preventive measure against breast cancer – not only because it helps with weight control but because exercise tends to lower circulating estrogen levels.” — Michael Greger

28. “The secret to longevity, as I see it, has less to do with diet, or even exercise, and more to do with the environment in which a person lives: social and physical. What do I mean by this? They live rewardingly inconvenient lives.” — Dan Buettner

29. “Doctors look after me. But, basically, I look after myself. I don’t overeat. I don’t develop a big paunch. I do a little bit of exercise. At the same time, I believe that if you don’t work, you will decay. The decay process is through not using your faculties – not using your brain, not using your body.” — Mahathir Mohamad

30. “Positive emotion alienated from the exercise of character leads to emptiness, to inauthenticity, to depression, and, as we age, to the gnawing realization that we are fidgeting until we die.” — Martin Seligman

Inspiring exercise quotes motivation have to do with healthy living

31. “If you have a therapist who agrees with your every word, then your brain isn’t getting proper exercise.” — Beth Ditto

32. “People need to get out and do some more exercise, especially children who are stuck inside with computers.” — Katie Taylor

33. “I try and work out as often as possible. Since I travel very often, it becomes very difficult to have a daily work out routine, but I practice yoga every day or try and play some sport. Also, I am very aware of what suits my body in terms of food and exercise.” — Deepika Padukone

34. “I think variety is the spice of sticking with an exercise routine, whether it’s getting a dance tape one day, or getting a tape with those stretchy things to work with resistance on a different day.” — Christie Brinkley

35. “Those who have come into Formula One without experiencing cars devoid of electronic aids will find it tough. To control 800 horsepower relying just on arm muscles and foot sensitivity can turn out to be a dangerous exercise.” — Michael Schumacher

36. “Both sexes like the exercise and challenge of sports, but for men, it’s also a basic display behavior for impressing and winning a mate.” — Helen Fisher

37. “I always said I was never going to be one of those people to Instagram myself in the gym. But as soon as you get into exercise and get a taste of how brilliant it makes you feel, you want to share it!” — Caroline Flack

38. “I always feel calmer when I exercise. In fact, that’s probably the main reason I exercise.” — Gretchen Rubin

39. “Focus on you, until the focus is on you.” — Anonymous

40. “Focus on yourself and be positive.” — Anonymous