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Quotes About Siblings: Are you hunting for the most siblings quotes and sayings about siblings? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right location! There’s no denying that sibling love is unlike any other. After all, most people will never spend as much time with another human being as they do with their brother or sister. And if you don’t always get along with your siblings, the fact is that they are one of the only people in the world who can love you in both good and bad times.

siblings quotes

Sayings about siblings show how they love, dislike, make fun of and then reconcile with one another. It’s impossible to deny the unique relationship that exists between siblings. Maybe you’re looking for a romantic text to include in an emotional message, or funny messages to include in your sibling’s birthday card this year? Whatever the motivation, reading these kinds of quotations and sayings is always entertaining.

And if it has been months since you last spoke, they are the ones you will turn to for affection, comfort, and guidance. And we’d like to honour the special sibling bond with these motivational sibling quotes. So, if you’re searching for stunning sibling quotes, sister quotes, brother quotes, love quotes for siblings, or just a daily reminder of the unique connection that remains between siblings, these sibling love quotes will surely remind you of the love exchanged between brothers and sisters.

Famous Quotes About Siblings

Nothing in this world will ever be able to separate me from my sibling. We hope you like these quotations about siblings as much as we do. If you’re not sure how to use them to good use, try using them as a caption for photos of siblings on social media or to write a lovely note on a card for National Sibling Day.

siblings quotes

1): “It’s fine to lean on your siblings when you’re in trouble; they have the toughest and softest hands to sob on.”

2): “When our wings fail to fly, our siblings are the angels that raise us up.”

3): “We disagree and argue that no sibling is flawless. We also stop talking to each other at times, but we are family, and our love for one another will always be there.”

4): “Being a sibling entails being a part of something unique. It implies that you will be loved and loved for the remainder of your life. Whatever the case might be.”

5): “Siblings know how to irritate each other, but they still know how to fix problems better than anybody else.”

siblings quotes

6): “Your real-life guardian angel is your sister (brother); you just can’t see her (his) wings.”

7): “My sister and I can not be ripped apart, no matter how much we struggle and disagree. My sister is something I will always love unconditionally.”

8): “My sister loves me better than anybody else on the planet.”

9): “I adore my younger brother. He is so incredible, and I can’t picture my life without him.”

10): “I may not have a lot of money or fancy stuff, but I still consider myself wealthy… because I have a caring brother.”

siblings quotes

11): “Do you need a way to show your family’s brothers and sisters how much you respect and enjoy them? That’s exactly what these nostalgic sibling sayings do.”

12): “Consider yourself fortunate to have brothers and sisters who are each other’s superheroes with super-healing abilities.”

13): “Siblings, like sugar and spice, add a special touch to every situation.”

14): “Friends come and go, but brothers (sisters) are there for the rest of their lives.”

Hilarious Quotes about siblings

Some siblings are similar, but their bond isn’t as mushy as that of most brothers and sisters. Make a funny message about your favourite sibling on your next card.

quotes about siblings

1): “The greatest part of becoming a brother is sharing, taking, each other’s belongings (sister).”

2): “Just siblings understand the terror of calling shotgun last and seeing who gets the front seat first.”

3): “Spending time with your sibling allows you to reflect on your youth.”

4): “Nothing compares to the experiences we create for our siblings during our youth.”

5): “I can’t pledge to fix all of your issues as your sister, but I can assure you that you won’t have to face them alone.”

6): “My brother is the only one who can tell me if anything I’m wearing makes me look overweight. And if it doesn’t work!”

7): “Siblings have been put on this planet to hug, amuse, and torment each other. It’s a prerequisite of their employment.”

8): “I wouldn’t have someone to blame my faults on if it weren’t for you.”

9): “You can still rely on your brothers and sisters to have variety, whether it’s sweet or sour.”

10): “You have access to all of my codes, and if you don’t, I’ll reveal mine.”

Sibling Friendship Quotes

Quite likely, your brothers and sisters are among your nearest friends. Through these sibling friendship quotes and short sentiments, make sure they remember.

quotes about siblings

1): “Since we are best friends, when you laugh, I will laugh with you, and when you weep, I will cry with you.”

2): “Even though our parents made us siblings, we chose to be best friends.”

3): “Your friends will come and go, but your siblings will always be there.”

4): “One of life’s best gifts is a sibling’s devotion.”

5): “We have everything when we have each other.”

6): “We are siblings who are connected by the heart, whether we are living side by side or thousands of miles apart.”

7): “Since we are sisters, our friendship and devotion know no bounds (brothers).”

8): “You know how to make the good times happier and the bad times tougher because you’re my mate and brother (sister).”

Families are made whole by half-siblings

1): “Even though they were not related by birth, they were nevertheless bound to each other.”

2): “You may be someone’s half-sibling, but you fill their hearts with joy.”

3): “Once in a while, we’re fortunate enough to have a half-sibling join our lives, making it feel complete.”

4): “Thank God I have you as a backup in case I ever need it!”

5): “It’s useful to have half-siblings. Don’t take it for granted.”

6): “When everything else fails, you should still turn to your siblings for support and friendship.”

7): “When we were younger, I didn’t really see you as the true friend that you were, but now I see you not only as my sibling but also as my best friend.”

8): “With these funny twin quotations, you will embrace your literal another half.”

9): “On the surface, we may seem to be alike, but everybody knows I’m the wiser one.”

10): “Twins are twice as much fun as they are twice as much hassle!”

11): “Having an identical twin is like having a backup plan in case of an emergency.”

12): “Things are twice as good when you have twins.”

13): “Having a twin is purely by chance, but if you’ve never thought of yourself as fortunate before, now is the moment!”

14): “You can’t have just one twin like you can’t have just one potato chip.”

15): “Half-siblings may be closer than blood relatives in some cases.”

Famous Quotes and Phrases About Siblings

Other people can also express their famous quotes about siblings thoughts about your brother or sister better than you can.

1): “There is no one in the world who loves you as much as a sibling.”

2): “Siblings are the only ones who really understand you. They may or may not always respect you, but they will always be fascinated by you.”

3): “A sibling may be the sole guardian of one’s central personality, the only person who has access to one’s more basic self.”

4): “The family is a work of art created by evolution.”

5): “Our parents gave us the best blessing of all: each other.”

6): “Our journeys as siblings may diverge as we progress through life, but our relationship will endure”

7): “I can’t guarantee to fix all of your problems like your brother, but I can assure you that you won’t have to face them alone.”

8): “My sister takes my hand when the journey feels too long and difficult and tells me that I don’t have to walk it alone.”

9): “Having siblings is like playing music; there are some high notes and some low notes, but it’s still a lovely tune.”

10): “There’s nothing quite like the influence of a sibling who knows everything there is to know about you, who knows your family, and who bears half your genes.”

11): “We didn’t know we were creating memories; all we realised was that we were having a good time.”

12): “Siblings are the ones who put us through our paces, the ones who teach us about justice, cooperation, compassion and love the hard way.”

13): “The levels of tension in many sibling relationships can be high, but the good times in the backyard and basement more than makeup for it.”

Sibling partnerships-of which 80 percent of Americans have at least one-outlast weddings, parents’ deaths, and resurface after quarrels that would destroy most bonds. They exist in a thousand different manifestations of closeness and isolation, warmth and mistrust.

Sibling Love Quotes

1): “You are a great joy to have as a sister. I must have thanked God a thousand times over for you.”

2): “By blood, they are siblings; by preference, they are best friends.”

3): “I might feel like I lived in his shadows as his true brother, but I never have and never will. I bask in his radiance.”

4): “I was really there for my younger brother. He was so tiny and defenceless that he needed the protection of a big sister. That’s what I’ll do until the day I die, and maybe even after that.”

5): “My brother Bob is the funniest guy I have met. He had the greatest impact on my growth. Ricky Gervais (comedian)”

6): “And if you don’t realise it at the moment, a sister is someone you can really rely on.”

7): “I’ve never had a sister, but I have friends that are like sisters to me, even though we aren’t blooding relatives.”

8): “My brothers are like oil and vinegar in terms of personalities, but they have always been there for me. They are identical in that sense!”

9): “I truly have no idea how people manage to get through life without having a sister, whether older or younger. You’ve always been an inspiration to me and helped me get through difficult times.”

10): “My sister taught me how to be the kind of mother I want to be.”

11): “This essay is dedicated to my amazing older sister, Cathy, who taught me so much through her words and illustrations.”

12): “Sibling siblings are permanently imprinted on our psyches.”

13): “With one of these quotes, you will show your sibling how much you care.”

14): “Spending time with my siblings brings me joy.”

Cute Sibling Quotes

Quotes about cute sibling don’t have to be sappy or romantic to be meaningful.

1): “The greatest part of having four older brothers is that you already have someone to help you out.”

2): “A buddy is a brother your heart chooses for you; a brother is a friend God gave you.”

3): “Siblings are aware of your worst flaws but support and defend you.”

4): “What could be more fulfilling for human souls than to know that they are linked for eternity-to be with each other in secret, unspoken memories?”

5): “Since they are with you all the time, siblings are naturally obedient. It never occurs to them to not protect you.”

6): “Being a brother and sister entails being there with one another at all times.”

7): “Brothers and sisters, ready to face whatever life throws at them as comrades.”

8): “My siblings do not resemble each other, but they both resemble me.”

9): “My friendship with my older brother can be summarised by his greeting once he returned from football practice while I was doing my piano lessons. ‘Hey, Mozart!’ he’d shout over the music. ‘How are you?’”

10): “Cousins are like siblings in a close-knit family, but they handle you better as children.”

11): “My older brother and I didn’t become real friends until high school, where we would double-date. We’ve been best friends ever since.”

12): “Siblings seem to be bound together like anchors around their ankles.”

Funny Sibling Quotes

Keep it lighthearted with these funny quotes for your brother or sister.

1): “You haven’t existed until you’ve slammed your body against your bedroom door to save your brother from taking one of your cassette tapes.”

2): “When my older brother didn’t strike me in the arm as he passed me in the corridor, I realised he’d actually matured.”

3): “My brothers were also on the high school football squad, but even though there wasn’t a contest, one of them was always being tackled.”

4): “If they don’t have the Get Out of Jail Free Card and instead land on Park Place and Boardwalk, board games bring out the worst of siblings.”

5): “Since you’re my brother, I smile. There’s nothing you can do about it, but I joke.”

6): “A half-sibling isn’t all that dissimilar to you. Simply put, they come from a more intriguing family. Of course, you have a more interesting family history than they do.”

7): “You sell a half-sibling everything you don’t have, and they offer you half of what they don’t have. As a result, the two halves work together to form a whole that connects you as a family.”

8): “Consider yourself fortunate if you have a half-sibling; other people have no siblings.”

9): “The better halves of half-siblings are shared.”

10): “In comparison to other siblings, half-siblings have an edge. They just have to fight for one parent’s affection because the other parent is completely theirs!”

11): “Step-siblings are more common than ever in blended families. These quotations will help you remember them:”

12): “A step-sibling is a giant step in growing up together in childhood.”

13): “While DNA can validate blood ties, it can not rule out the possibility of step-sibling love.”

14): “You unlock a new realm of unforeseen affection and friendship as you open your heart to a step-sibling.”

15): “They have no choice but to be your kin if you are born into one. Step-siblings, on the other hand, are welcomed into a family and they want you.”

16): “Step-siblings learn to appreciate and embrace the distinctions of others through expressions of love and forgiveness as they grow up.”

17): “Don’t make up your mind to despise your latest step-sibling until you’ve given yourself a chance to make them despise you.”

Sibling Sayings

These sibling sayings phrases can also be used to express your feelings to your sibling:

1): “Siblings are the ones who put us through our paces, the ones who teach us about justice, cooperation, kindness, and love the hard way.”

2): “Your siblings are always going to be your siblings. That is all that can never change.”

3): “You can’t do something by yourself if you want to do really important and major stuff in life. And your greatest allies are your siblings and relatives.”

4): “When an only child discovers that he is no longer the only one in the family after siblings are born, he soon learns to adjust to life’s changes.”

5): “Your siblings are the only ones on the planet who understand what it’s like to grow up the way you did.”

6): “Respect your siblings as much as they respect you.”

7): “Siblings have a special bond, but this bond does not necessarily last when they grow up.”

8): “To the rest of the country, we are all getting older. However, this is not the case with brothers and sisters. We’ve known each other for a long time. We have a good understanding of each other’s souls. We tell each other private family jokes. We recall family feuds and mysteries, as well as family sorrows and joys. We are not bound by the passage of time.”

9): “Only watch the game show Family Feud to get a sense of how siblings interact.”

10): “I will cut ties with friends I don’t care about. A husband or wife may be divorced. Siblings can’t be avoided.”

11): “Siblings know what wrong you’ve done them, but they still remember what compassion you’ve shown them.”

A Quotes for siblings Everything

You should not have a say in who your siblings are. They are a gift from God to you, just as you are to them.

1): “My siblings are never far from my thoughts, even though they are not physically there.”

2): “Seeing your sibling happy brings you joy.”

3): “Siblings are like tree roots. And as we expand in different ways, our origins remain the same.”

4): “Siblings are the ones that teach us life lessons. They teach us how to be kind and loving, how to be honest, and how to accept that we will not all be right. They show us how to function as a team, how to resolve conflicts, and most importantly, how to love and be loved.”

5): “A sibling is equal parts blood, competitor, coach, and lifelong mate.”

6): “Except for your siblings, no one else in the world understands what it’s like to be raised the way you were.”

7): “For as much as you meet and love your brother or sister, you will never know and love another human being.”

8): “It is not what we have in life that matters, but rather who we have in life.”

It’s important to let your sibling know how much you really love them, whether you have a tight friendship with them or you’re still hashing it out. These phrases are meant to inspire you and assist you in getting your creative juices flowing.